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What do you like/dislike about working pediatrics?

Louise44 Louise44 (New) New

I love kids but can not stand the child abuse cases, etc. Share some of your stories about why you like/dislike working peds.

I am a peds nurse and peds is all I know! I really enjoy caring for the little ones, they are so innocent and it melts my heart seeing them smile. I also have experience working with terminally ill kiddos, you at times have to develop thick skin to be able to be able to work in this speciality. Overall, each specialty has its high and low points- it is key that you find what best fits your interests.

Less strain in your back, to me at least, i dont have to lift heavy patients.

BeenThereDoneThat74 specializes in Pediatrics.

The best part for me, is when they act like kids (mischievous). Since I'm not in direct care, I can chuckle at it more than my staff does (since a fighting, tube-pulling child who acts sassy means more work for them. Important to note, my patient population is chronic, special needs, so these aren't normal functioning kids, so I really appreciate any 'normal, kid behaviors' the exhibit.

Worst part for me, is watching the ones who are clearly suffering, and will never improve.

Best: The kids

Worst: parents that hinder/prevent you from doing your job

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