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What kind of calculator did you buy for Statistics???

by dee78 dee78 Member

My class starts next week, it's an online class. The syllabus says that I need a calculator with statistics function.

But I want to know what kind you used. My book has a section for TI83/84 plus calculators so I'm drawn to that one but if I can get by with a $35 calculator then I would rather not spend $100 on a TI83.


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You will likely need the more expensive one. I don't have mine in front of me now but it was a full graphing calculator by TI. I got it used for $95 at the school book store.

You have to have a graphing calculator for stat, it sucks that they're so expensive but I don't think you can get by in the class without one.


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When I took Statistics, we needed the TI83. It was around $90-100 unfortunately. Do you know anyone that has taken it in the past that you can borrow it from?

My prof. was awesome, very understanding and told us at the first class that if we could absolutely not afford the calculator, to talk to her after class. I know that a few people did. You could always try to talk to your professor after class. You never know if they have an extra one they will let you borrow.

Good luck!

Thanks for the responses!!!

Most electronics decrease in price over the years. Not TI-83s!!! I had one when I was in college 11 years ago but I don't have it any more. I have asked quite a few people and they don't have theirs any longer.

Oh well, I'll probably suck it up and buy one this weekend. My daughters may need it down the road and we'll already have it.

I know your classes start next week, but try ebay you can pick one up used for around $50. We didn't start using the graphing features until at least the second week.

I agree with the previous poster, try ebay. I got one that was unopened and I got it for around 60 to 70. I know it is expensive, but I still use it and it is now several years old, but works like a charm.

Our stats teacher didn't want us to use the calculator except for simple calculations. We did our problems long hand. So, besides multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting and square-ing . . . we didn't use it.

I have a TI-36X.


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I took stats last spring and while the TI-83/84 were suggested (and useful), they were not required. Just about any scientific calculator, including the $12 Casios, have the basic stats functions ΣX, Σ(X²), ΣY, ΣXY, and σ which is all you really need. The graphing functions are helpful but certainly not a necessity.

I was one of the few folks without the fancy calculator and I got the high score in the class...

have the basic stats functione class.s ΣX' date=' Σ(X²), ΣY, ΣXY, and σ .[/quote']

Wow, we did those longhand . . .there are no buttons like that on my calculator.


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We actually had to do them longhand as well. The keys just made for a quick double-check that I hadn't made any careless mistakes. Toward the end of the course he did let us use the stats registers.

I bought the TI-84 Silver. My parents paid for it. Yes, I'm spoiled.

I decided that since I'm doing this online I will need as much help as possible. My book shows you how to do things using the TI 83/84plus so I went with that one since I won't have a teacher to help me.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!!

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