What job is there for former addicted nurse?

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Hello, I am a former nurse who made a major mistake regarding addiction. It is a mistake I will always regret. It took me time but I have been sober for years since. I wanted to know if there is a profession in which I can use my associate RN degree, my BA mathematics degree, and my BE in secondary education degree. I was previously a high school math teacher before nursing.

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First of all, congratulations on your sobriety. Overcoming addiction is challenging, and you have shown immense courage and focused strength. With these qualities, you are sure to succeed in your next career.

Regarding your question, with your diverse background in nursing, mathematics, and education, there are several potential career paths you could consider:

Healthcare Informatics Specialist Your nursing background and mathematics degree could be valuable in analyzing and interpreting healthcare data. Healthcare informatics specialists work with electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare data systems to improve patient care and streamline processes.

Healthcare Analytics With your mathematics background, you could pursue a career in healthcare analytics. This involves using statistical methods and data analysis techniques to evaluate healthcare trends, outcomes, and costs. Your nursing experience would provide valuable insight into the practical application of these analyses in healthcare settings.

Healthcare Education Coordinator Your experience as both a nurse and a teacher could be beneficial in a role focused on healthcare education. This could involve developing patient educational programs, training materials for healthcare professionals, or teaching in a healthcare-related academic setting.

Quality Improvement Specialists work to improve patient care and outcomes within healthcare organizations. Your nursing background would provide a strong foundation for understanding clinical processes. At the same time, your mathematics skills could be utilized in data analysis to identify areas for improvement and measure the effectiveness of interventions.

Healthcare Consultant As a healthcare consultant, you could use your combined expertise to advise healthcare organizations on various issues, such as process improvement, data analysis, or education and training programs.

These are just a few potential career paths that could leverage your unique skill set and background.

Medical manufacturer websites such as Stryker and Hill-Rom have job boards with great opportunities for people with your background.

It may be helpful to explore job opportunities in any of these areas and consider how your qualifications align with the requirements of each role. 

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Poison Control/Information Specialist. It usually requires education as an RN, MD, or Pharmacist. I hired a former practicing clinician whose license was suspended for a similar reason, so he could not longer practice.