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What IRS Publication or section needed for Travel Nursing?



I was told by my agency (MSN) that even my groceries will be tax deductable as a travel nurse. I start on Tuesday. Anyone have the info I need, and any suggestions about traveling that would help me? Thanks


the person to ask this question is a good accountant/cpa.

Try http://www.healthcaretraveler.com. Under "travel resources" on the left hand menu there is a section called tax tips with some interesting articles written by a tax advisor for travelling nurses

Thank you so very much. Someone else posted to get myself a good accountant. That is something any adult would do, but after speaking with a few accountants well known in the community, I found they had no clue as to why travel Nursing is different from any other nurse's taxes.

They had no idea a portion of hourly rates were tax exempt. I am thankful I have something in print to give the accountant who had some knowledge to this different type of tax status.

Find a good accountant...........Duh!

Hey -

I just found this website yesterday. Obviously, I haven't worked with them yet, but the information on the site looks promising.

'Kobaly.com - Your Travel Nurse Tax Specialists!'

Good luck, and if you find any other good possibilities, please let me know.

- Kathleen

I found the site and printed out the form. It shows a good way to start thinking of organization of what things to save and what deductions to take in this very strange tax situation. Their prices are reasonable.

Thank you

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