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  1. KathleenRNICU

    New Skills Lab Manager Needs Help!

    I heard a rumor that NCLEX is moving toward competency-based licensure. To me, that means that they must be developing national standards describing which skills an RN is expected to know and how said skills must be preformed... Right? If anyone has any suggestions on where I can find information AIMED AT EDUCATORS on this topic, I would be very grateful! Kathleen
  2. KathleenRNICU

    New Skills Lab Manager Needs Help!

    Thanks, Janet, for your input! I have a mixed group of faculty working with me in the skills lab. Some have no interest in collaboration and innovation, unfortunately. But I have several full-time faculty that are motivated and creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. I also have 2 adjuncts that have worked skills in other schools. I plan to ask them for input/feedback/new ideas, too. I will attempt to reachout to clinical adjuncts and other skills lab managers. Thank you for the suggestion. The total overhaul of our skills lab is going to be my summer project. :)
  3. KathleenRNICU

    New Skills Lab Manager Needs Help!

    Thanks for your reply! It sounds like we have similar approaches. :) Kathleen
  4. KathleenRNICU

    New Skills Lab Manager Needs Help!

    I am a new nursing educator. I have been asked to assume responsibility for managing and updating our skills lab (ADN RN program). I have never taught skills, and my own experience in the skills lab (as a student) was a long time ago... Can anyone point me in the direction of good resources for a new skills lab manager? I need to start from the ground up. How do I know that we are teaching the specific skills that our students most need to know? Who sets the standards for the 'right' way to do each individual skill? How do I make the most effective use of our (very limited) skills lab hours? We currently use the Potter and Perry Fundamentals Textbook, a set of Mosby skills DVD's, and an old lab guide written by a faculty member quite a few years ago. I have 10-12 faculty members working in different sections of our skills lab and they all seem to have different ideas on what should be taught and how. I am looking for any professional organizations, standards of practice, national educational standards, evidence-based and professionally-vetted sources of information about skills lab instruction for RN students. Any and all advice is welcome!! Thank you, Kathleen
  5. KathleenRNICU


    I became a nurse in July 2000 and went right to work in the MICU. About 2 years later I started studying for the CCRN exam using the Laura Gasparis-Vonfrolio tapes that EastCoast was referring to (I think). She is funny, very entertaining, and provides a good basic review of critical care topics. A few months later I took a practice test and did rather poorly, so I got serious about studying. I bought the Critical Care Nursing review book published by Springhouse. It is Q&A format organised by subject and the explainations are great!! Very Detailed! I also used the CCRN Review written by Laura Gasparis and another nurse whose name I have forgotten, as well as the AACN's book of CCRN practice tests. I would recommend using more than one review book, because they all seem to emphasize some different topics. I also recommend taking several practice tests to get used to the test and to guage your progress and identify your weaknesses. I studied (seriously) about 10 hours a week for 3 months or so and I passed with flying collors in April of this year. Good Luck!
  6. KathleenRNICU

    What IRS Publication or section needed for Travel Nursing?

    Hey - I just found this website yesterday. Obviously, I haven't worked with them yet, but the information on the site looks promising. 'Kobaly.com - Your Travel Nurse Tax Specialists!' Good luck, and if you find any other good possibilities, please let me know. - Kathleen