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  1. Try http://www.healthcaretraveler.com. Under "travel resources" on the left hand menu there is a section called tax tips with some interesting articles written by a tax advisor for travelling nurses
  2. I would strongly advise you not to take a full time pediatric homecare job as your first job out of school. In my opinion you really need to get some acute care hospital experience as a foundation to develop your clinical and assessment skills. The majority of peds homecare cases are relatively stable chronically ill children, who can be great to take care of but the problem is you won't be learning much as a new grad in this environment. Also, you have to remember that with homecare you are it. You are the only nurse there in the house with the pt./family relying on you with no one to truly fall back on or get a second opinion from. Of course you can call in to the office for advice but they can only help you so much over the phone based on the info. you are giving them. Even though home care pt.'s are more stable than the hospital pt. population, unexpected problems and even emergencies do arise. It's important to have the confidence that you are making the right decision (ie whether to call the rescue or not,etc.)in the occassional emergent situation. Overall, I think you'd be much better off starting in a hospital setting, preferrably on a med/surg unit, or any ICU even, where you will encounter a variety of diagnoses and problems. Although it can be overwhelming at times, it is so much better to learn absolutely as much as you can with your 1st job, when you are expected to have a million questions and the neccessary support is there to answer them. You'll do yourself a huge favor by sucking it up now because you will leave all your options open and transition more easily into other areas of nursing (like homecare) when the time is right. If you are sure you definitely want pediatrics, its fine to go for a peds job right from the start. Again though, start in an acute care setting with lots of learning opportunities.
  3. kitkat11

    pediatric units in NY

    I have friends working as staff nurses full time with 3-6 years experience making $60,000-$65,000/yr
  4. kitkat11

    Past/present California Travelers

    I worked at San Diego Childrens for 8 months. Nice hospital, nice staff, very reasonable pt. assignments. Pay was not that great, but no problems overall. Regular med/surg or ortho floors are better than the IMU.
  5. kitkat11

    New Pediatric Oncology Nurse

    I am currently working at Boston Children's on another unit am familiar with the unit you will be working on. It is a great unit with an exceptional staff. I'm sure you will get all the help and support you need. It will be tough but definetly worth it. Good Luck!
  6. kitkat11

    pediatric units in NY

    Also, you should consider trying to initially work as a travel nurse in NYC because they pay your rent which is a major expense in Manhattan. The current NYC rent stipend in with my company is $2500/month, which can get you a nice place. Otherwise it's difficult to afford living in the city as regular staff. It is hard to get a travel position in NYC, but in my opinion dfinitely worth it for the money. If you're interested in this option let me know and I can refer you to my recruiter.
  7. kitkat11

    pediatric units in NY

    Hi Mel, I worked in NYC as a travelling pediatric nurse for a little over a year recently and plan on returning within the year. Whatever you do stay away from Columbia Presbyterian (now called NY Children's) oncology/transplant unit and PICU. Staffing is the worst I have experieced in 10 years as a nurse. However, the med/surg/cardiac/neuro floors are fine. Very busy but manageable with a nice staff. (Staff on onc/transplant are great also). New building should be up soon. A good friend of mine worked at St. Vincents in the peds unit and dreaded going to work every day. Nse./pt ratios terrible with very heavy kids, long term on vents etc., with an unhappy staff. I have heard good things about peds and NICU at NYU from girls who have worked there. A friend of mine is currently on travel assignment at Bellvue. It is very inner city and a busy place but she is enjoying her assignment.
  8. kitkat11

    Compare Nurses Salaries Across The Nation

    As a new RN grad in RI 10 yrs. ago I started at $13.80/hr. When I left after 8 yrs. I was making $23/hr. I have been a travel nurse for Cross Country for almost three years and my pay has ranged from $26-$32/hr depending on the assignment. My Q 13 week bonuses have ranged from $500 to $2500. It's also great to have your rent and utlities paid for.
  9. kitkat11

    Sexual misconduct between nurse & patient.

    I am an RN who met my husband 10 years ago while he was hospitalized as a surgical pt. We were both single, consenting adults and did not begin our relationship until he was no longer in my care. He is truly the love of my life and I have never regretted my decision to enter into a relationship with him. I'm sure some people pass judgement on our unconventional meeting (esp. other nurses). But, overall people react well when we share our story of how we met. You'd be surprised how many people offer stories of people they know who have had similar successful relationships