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  1. the person to ask this question is a good accountant/cpa.
  2. I think that you should follow your heart and do the ADN first, because as someone points out you already have a degree. This will help you to have money for family. It will give you some experience, which you will need if you decide to do NP or some other masters later. Having hands on nursing is always a big plus no matter what degree. Good luck.
  3. currisaw

    travel to Oakland, ca

    Hi travelers, I am a med/surg nurse for 15 yrs. I'm in the process of finding my first travel assignment is oakland,Ca and was wondering if you could help to choose a good hospital. A seasoned traveler told me to stay away from ALTA-BATES and the sister hospitals SUMMIT. The agency is offering $35 and no other bonus or stipen. I was told that some of the nurses are place in apartment 45-60 mins away from the hosp. how many times are you floated in one shift? I was told that you can get floated every 4 hours. any other help would be greatly apprecated. :zzzzz:roll