What should instructors wear to clinicals?


I know this questions has already been asked but I'm hoping to get some more responses as I am also interested in the answer.


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Same uniform as the students. Only the badge is different.

Can't nurse in street clothes. Anyway, students need to see you as one of the nurses.


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When I went to nursing school sometimes my instructors wore plain scrubs or professional business attire with a lab coat. They definitely did not wear the same uniform as the students. We wore a very traditional uniform with the smock and everything. :)

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Hmm - have had instructors wear scrubs, others wear business clothes with lab coats. And...I do beg to differ that you can't "nurse" in street clothes. As an APN, I have nursed in both scrubs and street clothes.

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Since teaching clinicals is my second job, and I have to wear ceil blue scrubs to my other job, I just bought some new, nice scrubs to wear. I also wear a white lab coat most of the time--which makes me easy to spot on the clinical floor where the rest of the staff wear multicolored prints!

I wear Crocs to primary job and also to clinicals. I will have to invest in some new shoes, though, as one hospital we rotate through does not allow them!

Mostly, I wear a smile! :nurse:


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Some days I wear scrubs, somedays nice street clothes. I don't wear what the students wear because I look young and this confuses the patients into thinking I'm a student and not an instructor. When wearing scrubs, I follow the dress code of the RN's on the floor.

I am comfortable and able to nurse in both types of clothing. I don't wear a lab coat because I work in peds and I don't really want the kids screaming at me the entire time I'm in the room.

Usually depends on what I have clean or isn't wrinkled, and how much time I have to get ready!

If I'm going to work as an NP after clinical, I usually opt for the street clothes since I have had issues where new patients get me confused with the medical assistants at first if I'm in scrubs.

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I wear plain ceil blue scrubs with a white lab coat for clinicals. (amidst a "sea" of patterned scrubs, I stand out whether I'm wearing my coat or not) I visit the clinical floor for meetings with charge nurses, managers, inservices in professional slacks/blouses.


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This depends on what I plan to do in the clinical setting. I wear professional dress when I don't anticipate any direct patient care (ex- for a seminar with students), but at all other times, I wear scrubs as I am always available and very hands-on in assisting the students. If the patient needs a bath, I jump in and help, especially in the first semester. If the patient vomits, I would prefer it be on my scrubs :)

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I wore my usual scrubs under a lab coat. Nurses at my hospital never wear lab coats, (the docs do), but as a nurse it made me stand out. Our students wear maroon scrubs. It also let the staff know who to get if there was a problem, and that I was teaching that day and not on hospital duty myself that day.

Also, since I am so very hands on, the pockets gave me someplace to put my hands instead of taking over all the time:D

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I vote for kneehighs and flipflops...



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:Dshould wear?

i teach psych nursing...

the nurses on the units

wear streetclothes---no uniforms or labcoats.

i work in nursing ed

where i also teach

bsn students.

nursing ed managers

wear labcoats


i leave my options open

to wear

or not to wear

the labcoat.

that is the question

and the answer. ;)

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