What do I take off first??


Hey everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wanted to ask. I am a new nursing student. Question.. (they showed us a quick film on this)... say you are covered in blood and body fluids. You have a mask on, gown, gloves and so forth. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU REMOVE?? The mask, the gloves?? Can someone please post for me the order you take these off? I did not find it in my nursing books and the teachers were a bit vague.


P.S. And on the mask, you untie the bottom strings first right??? :uhoh3:


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I dont know if this is the way you will be taught but this is how I do it...I take off the gown and my gloves together...slip the gown down my arms and turn the gloves inside out to take them off not touching anything...then I remove my mask. Would not want to touch my face with dirty gloves.


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[color=#ffff9b]sequence* for donning ppe

1. gown first

2. mask or respirator

3. goggles or face shield

4. gloves

*combination of ppe will affect sequence - be practical

sequence for removing ppe

1. gloves

2. face shield or goggles

3. gown

[color=#ffffff]4. mask or respirator

[color=#ffffff]sorry for the weird formatting; i copied from a powerpoint. it's an excellent powerpoint from the cdc on ppe. if you'd like a copy just pm and i'll email it to you.

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I was told to do everything in reverse when taking off PPE. However, I agree with the removal of gloves during gown removal (I also do it so that my gloves are inside the gown, and gown insideout so I don't touch anything on the outside.

In real life...I think I may take off that mask first just by habbit because I can't stand them! LOL! But I try not to do that...


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Gloves should come off first so you don't contaminate yourself when you untie the gown or mask.

That being said, I too have been guilty of pulling the gown off with the glove still on.


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Thanks everybody! What about the dirty mask?? Do you untie the bottom strings first?? Something my teacher said about not letting the mask fall down where you can breathe the possible pathogens in.

You all are GREAT!!!!! :kiss

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I am not picking on anyway, but you wouldnt want to take your mask off with dirty gloves on in my oppinion.



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here are the steps for removing protective apparel from my manual:

1. gloves - for gown with waist strings tied in front

first untie waist strings with gloves

- remove gloves and wash hands

for gown with waist strings tied at side or back, remove gloves, then untie waist strings, then wash hands

2. Mask - remove mask with clean hands, touching only ties or elastics

3. gown - untie neck strings with clean hands

- remove gown (grasp outside of gown at shoulders and pull the gown down over arms), fold gown touching inside of gown only and discard

- wash hands, use clean paper towel to open client's door, then wash hands outside the room

And from my textbook about removing the mask:

- "when removing a mask with strings, first untie the lower strings of the mask. This prevents the top part of the mask from falling onto the chest. Do not undo one set of strings and leave the mask hanging around the neck."


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What do you do then when you have on one of them gowns where your thumb goes in the loop so they are actually tucked under the sleeve of the gown? Do you know what I mean?

I also would not want to touch the mask with dirty gloves...I was always taught to do it where I can turn my gloves inside out just like you take them off any other time...

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I was taught:

Break strings on gown and pull down to hands, remove gloves (gown is now inside out) so gloves are inside gown. Break strings on mask and pull away from face. With elastic straps, catch loop with one finger below your ear, pull loop from behind ear, around in front of face and out from behind the other ear. All done!


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