What should I do?


I've been offered to interview for a new grad position at Healthsouth and will eventually be working nights. The only problem I have is that the job is 2 hours away. I really don't see myself commuting that far everyday unless I could strictly be offered to work Sat, Sun, and Monday nights. That way, I would be available to my small kids during the week. Should I call ahead of time before this interview, which is tomorrow and present my case for interviewing, or just drive all the way on tomorrow and then state my case?? Ughhh...I'm thinking I should have never applied for this position in the first place considering the distance...guess I was "job hunting happy" at the time:eek:. What should I do? I need some advice please.


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go and be happy you have an interview. Just go. Things will either work out or you will turn the job down. You will regret not going. Do not call about the issue or bring it up at the intervw except ask about relocation expenses if you wish. Go and act like it is the only job that you have ever wanted. After it is offered to you, then make decisions. good luck!

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Go on the interview--it doesn't commit you to doing anything, and you never know what may come of it. Best of luck!


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It's difficult (i shouldnt generalize , but most) to be adequately staffed on weekends, I bet you what ever they would be willing to give you a fixed schedule. Good luck!! If its okay to ask, let is low how it goes :)


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I agree with everyone..just check it out..you ever know what opportunities come knoking at the door :idea:

Best of Luck to you!

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Two hours ONE WAY? Yikes. I'd interview because sometimes people get lucky when they stretch their boundaries. Good Luck.

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4 hours of your day and you have kids! Whooh; I would go but you know you won't take it in the end unless you plan on moving, leastwise I wouldn't. Time is so prescious, kids grow fast and suddenly you're standing there wondering where all the time went. Consider your family first. Also you know that a nurse doesn't leave on time all the time and traffic and well there are all kinds of variables to consider but it's the kids who will not be seeing their mom.


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If you have need a job, you should try to adjust with job conditions.

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I would do the interview and take it from there. Personally, I would not want to drive 2 hrs unless the pay was really really good and I could work 12hr days part time.