What should I do during the summer?

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Hi, I just got accepted to a traditional nursing program in Texas, and I will be starting in the Fall of this year. However, I have finished all the pre-req for my program, and I don't have anything else to do in the summer beside working and getting ready for my program. However, since my school is 2 hours away from my home, I couldn't find a job that let me work for 4 months during school time, and now I'm almost home for the summer, I don't know if I can find any job that let me work for 3 months. I was thinking doing internship for a hospital or clinic in my area, but I couldn't find anything. What are your suggestions? Thank you.


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Enjoy your summer, you'll have no life for the next two years.

If you can't find any internships or even volunteer opportunities, I'd suggest studying on the topics you felt most unsure about during pre-req's... So if, say, Chemistry was your weak point, I'd watch some Crash Courses or Khan Academy on Chem., and do some review. Other than that, relax and prepare!

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Work on your tan and physique!


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Go on a vacation. Trust me.

Do you you have BLS? ACLS? PALS? EMT? those could be helpful for you.

I agree. Brush up on body systems and intro pathophysiology.


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Take a science course or two that's required for your Nursing Program. I'll likely be admitted during the Spring semester of 2018 but what I'm doing over this summer semester and the fall semester is taking a science course in Anatomy and Physiology (1 in the summer and 1 in the fall) This will put you a whole semester or two ahead and it'll be easier on you because the clinicals combined with the science course can be difficult based on what I've heard from students.

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