What are the highest nursing priorities for for schizophrenia patient

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A patient diagnosed with schizophrenia symptoms hearing voices (auditory hallucinations).

As a nurse what would be the highest nursing priorities to asses the patient? And

The rationales for that interventions?

Appreciate any help!


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This appears to be a homework assignment. Tell us what YOU think and we can offer opinions- but we will not do your homework for you.

In addition to what meanmary said, the priority diagnoses and interventions would depend on the results of a full nursing assessment. What other kinds of issues are going on with this person besides a hx of schizophrenia and (presumably active) auditory hallucinations? (E.g., if someone is bleeding out or can't breathe, the hallucinations are going to be a lower priority.) Too often, acute medical issues get overlooked in people with a hx of chronic psychiatric illness because providers are overly focused on the psychiatric illness.

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On the other hand, if the auditory hallucinations are directing the patient to self harm, then this could take high priority.

Again, nursing diagnosis is driven by the nursing assessment.

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We are happy to help but we ask ALL of our students t post what they think first. This gives us a direction on how to best help you. What semester are you? Have you completed care plans before? Care plans is the recipe on how to care for a patient and are based on the assessment of the patient.

Tell us about your patient.

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