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What helped you in A&PI?


Hi everyone,

As you all know it's already back to school. I'm going to take A&P I and I really need your help. To those who took the class before; what helped you through it. What was your study planned? Was there any book in particular that made the class easy for you. To those who haven't take the class yet any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone:eek: :eek:

I used a great A&P coloring book..sounds silly but it works great!!

Best of luck to you!


I utilized the internet allot!! My favorite study site was Hole's essentials for Anatomy and Physiology. It has some great interactive quizzes and matching. It really reinforced what I was learning. I also took my notes IN my text book. We used Tatora & Grabowski, which was a difficult text, so taking notes in my text explained what was going on.

I also read ahead, whether I understood it or not, it helped.

What helped me was listening to lectures on tape while I was in the car. I always take notes during class, even though I am recording the lecture. Then, I type my written class notes into the computer and go over them. The best time for me to review is usually just before bed. Also, like someone else mentioned, utilize the internet.

The book we used in A&P was Martini's Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology and it came with a nice little cd rom that actually has the whole book in it, plus interactive tutorial movies, and links to many helpful websites.

Good luck to you!!


If you have access to a scanner and a good color printer (doesnt have to be color, just makes it more interesting) they can be used a LOT!

Scan in pictures from your A&P book after you have covered the labels with PostIt notes (or something that wont be see-thru). Print off a handful, and use them to help you label all the parts and muscles. Worked really well for me, a pulled an A out of a 6 hour A&P class.

http://www.medicalmnemonics.com/ also has TONS of neat tricks to help you remember things. You can also print all of them off, and put them in a notebook for easy access.

Wish you luck!


I've put some anatomy stuff on my site as I went through it in the course. Now I'm posting my nursing stuff as I start the program.


I've put some anatomy stuff on my site as I went through it in the course. Now I'm posting my nursing stuff as I start the program.


I agree about the anatomy coloring book -- it helped me a lot, particularly with the bones, muscles, nervous system and veins and arteries (all of the "big" memorization jobs). It also helped me with the anatomy of the brain and the heart, and it also helped me some with the physiology (like being able to visualize how the blood flowed through the heart). That was probably my biggest help.

I also did what Brandy suggested, though not with my scanner (I wish I'd thought of that several months ago, though!). I've been making copies of my book at Kinko's and using the figures to do memorization, then blanking out the terms or labels and making copies to test myself. I think the scanner would definitely have saved me money! ;)

Best of luck in A&P! I've found it to be one of the most difficult courses I've taken, but what a sense of accomplishment at having finished it! :cool:


I agree, you might feel silly doing the A&P colouring book, but it can help alot.

The CD rom that came with the Tortora and Grabowski A&P text was also very helpful. It has quizzes, diagrams, matching charts, etc.

What really worked for me was just plain old repitition. I quizzed myself from the notes, and in each round through my notes, I'd eliminate the subject matter that I felt confident about and concentrate on the rest.

Oh, I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm a big-time crammer. Allnighters before every exam or quiz.:eek: But, I got an A+ in A&P, so it worked for me, but was a little bit painful.

My friend came up with a good solution for studying. She took her notes and made up questions out of statements.....made her own tests.....and made allot of copies.

She also passed with a "B"!!! Good luck!!

The coloring books are great! I just love those. And Brandy is right, scanning pictures or downloading graphics to print out works really well. You don't have to worry about covering up labels though. After you scan the picture, just pull it up in a graphics editor to cut out any parts you don't want, resize it, etc.

DO THE STUDY GUIDE!!! I would never made it through A&P without it. Other than that -- just take it very seriously. I had friend who failed, and shouldn't have. They wouldn't have if they had just done the readings and payed attention in lecture.

Amen to the coloring book. Good luck just read ahead and review your notes.

I relied very heavily on some charts and other things that I found kind of by mistake.

Check these sites:



These charts and things are the best....I bought most of them, and have used them a lot.....


Look in previous posts there are many wonderful study techniques that you will find quite handy. study groups are a huge help but make sure everyone involved is serious about studying or it will turn out to be a social event. J

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