What do you guys do when...


What do you guys do when you get discouraged or stressed about getting into nursing school?

My first year at school I slacked off a lot and either withdrew or bombed most of my classes since I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. This semester I decided to buckle down and focus on nursing. I have a 1.0 GPA, so I have a ways to go. I'm pretty much starting over and then some. The way I have it planned I'll be taking classes until Fall 2010, and I should be able to apply to schools after that assuming I do well enough. I work as a unit secretary in the ER now and I'm getting my CNA in the fall. Hopefully I'll be volunteering as a sexual assault victim advocate....I'm hoping that the job and volunteer experience will help to supplement my GPA.

The fact that it's taking so long and the stress of knowing I'll have to maintain a 3.5 or better average per semester along with the lack of sleep coming from balancing full time school and lots and lots of work (I work overnights) is starting to take it's toll. How do you guys get your motivation back? Any good books or websites or quotes or anything? I appreciate all the help I can get! :bow:


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I know the feeling.... We share the same story. The only thing I can tell you is keep your eyes on the prize. If this is something you want to do, you can do it. It's not a race. I know that is seems overwhelming, but what you have to do is set yourself some goals. Your long-term goal is to become a nurse, now you have to set up some short term goal such as taking 12 next semester and making a "B" or higher in each class. Or take one difficult class and three easier one's and before you know it, you will be read to apply ro the nursing program. I just got accepted and let me tell you for the last two years I wanted to quit several times. But I had to keep focus and remember that this is what I want to do in life and the kept me going. I used to work nights and wwhen I got off I would got to school ALL day. I can remember getting only a couple hours of sleep. Not to mention how horibble I looked and CRANKY!! Don't do to much at once. You can do it!!


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First of all, I applaud you for not giving up. Its more easy to just stop, but you seem focused now. Okay, when I get discouraged, and want to give it all up...I look at pictures of my children and know that my sacrifice is totally their gain. If you don't have children, try thinking of the lifestyle you want to create for yourself once you have accomplished your goals. I also work full time and between my spouse, running around for the children and keeping my dogs active, it is not easy. I can tell you it is very much worth it. Definitely, only surround yourself with optimistic people, any negative energy is draining. I also have downloaded a lot of inspirational songs to listen to while I am out walking/exercising. Only take the workload that you can successfully handle.

You really sound like you will do fine. Utilize your time management skills, and place all of your contingencies in order. It will work out for you. Keep us posted.


A nice glass of wine does not hurt every now and then either:D


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Stay away from the glass of wine. You may like it to much and get more than just one glass, (not good!). I agree with everything else, just stay focus and remind yourself of what matters to you the most. I do applaud you for not giving up with a low GPA, just talk to the schools and see what they recommend.

Good luck!


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rubysunshine, i also applaud you for not giving up.

There is an older gentleman who is in my prerequisite classes that partied his way through college the first time...enough to graduate. He has been in the finance/banking business his whole career, and now he has decided that since there isn't such a stigma associated with male nurses, he would give it a try. He is a great motivation to me, because I think to myself if he can do it, so can I.

Baby steps toward your goal.....baby steps toward your goal...baby steps toward

Well, you get the idea. lol Good luck!

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