What is the Grading System for Your Nursing Program?


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I'm really interested in the grading scale for other nursing programs. My program is on a point system, which basically means that in order for you to get a 4.0, you must get 100% (on everything). Get a 95% on an exam? In other schools, that would be an A/A- (a 4.0 or 3.9, respectively). At my school? 3.5. Are any other schools like this or is mine the odd man out? :lol2:

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Our grading scale is:

A = 92-100

B = 86-91

C = 80-85

F = 79 and below

Finals are worth 30% of our total grade. Sorry, I don't know what this calculates out to for GPA. I just know that as long as I score above an 86% on my exams, I'm happy. :) If we finish any class below 80%, we're kicked out. We just started pharmacology & we'll have 3 chances to take the calculations test, but she'll deduct points off our final grade if we take it more than once. If we don't pass this test by the third try, we're kicked out of the program. *keeping my fingers crossed!* My first calc test is Thursday.

Our grading scale:

94-100% - A

88-93% - B

83-87% - C

Anything below an 83, pretty much an F. If we finish a class below 83%, can retake the course again, but either have to change campuses or wait an entire year. Cannot move on in the program. Flunk it twice, you're done. Though you can reapply... We also have a dosage calc test every semester. Get three chances to take it. Need 100% on one of the three tries. If not, you're done. I think the GPA is figured like "normal" :) No point system.


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A 95-100

A- 90-94

B+ 86-89

B 83-85

B- 80-82

C+ 76-79

C 73-75

C+ is needed for all nursing besides math for meds which needs a B. sciences and libs need a C to pass

our finals are 45% of grades, 4 exams make up 45%. the rest is quizzes, papers, and presentations. each course can be taken 2x. fail the second time or a second course you are out of the program or if your gpa is below 2.7.

For my school:

A: 94-100

B: 88-93

C: 80-87

Anything below a C is a failure. You can only fail/repeat 2 classes out of the entire program before being dropped from the program.

A: 100-94

B: 93-87

C: 86-80

Failing: 79 and below

This semester we have three unit exams (70 percent of the total grade) and one final (30 percent of the total grade). Those are the only grades that count towards the final grade. The projects, clinical papers, case studies, etc don't count.