What did your grades look like in the prerequisite courses did you have any c"


Where you able to get into the nursing program

I want to apply to the absn program at queens university in charlotte

Also did you have any withdrawals (on your transcript) I am debating on withdrawing from the prerequisite microbiology class bc I think I will get a grade of C but I am wondering if a W will look bad and ruin my chances of getting into the program some advise please

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Good day, Aide01:

Each school has their own standards. Please check with the school(s) for which you are applying to find out their standards.

Thank you.

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I had 4 "w"'s but no c's. Some consider "w"'s worse than c's, because at least you stayed in the class and tried. My school will only take c+'s. It really depends on the school. All you can do is apply and see what happens. Good luck!


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The university I attended had hundreds of applicants for their nursing program and were very selective as to who was accepted - only 120 seats (which included the accelerated BSN program as well). Most of my fellow colleagues were A/B+ students (prerequisites) - the university required a minimum 3.0 GPA for consideration. Good luck to you!

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I had a total of three 'W's: one in philosophy, one in A&P I, and one in microbiology. I had a 3.6 GPA overall.

I applied to and was accepted into a very noncompetitive LPN-to-RN transition program in which the only prerequisites were possession of an active LPN license and a passing score on the NET test. Admissions were granted on a first come/first serve basis.


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You may want to contact the nursing departments if they don't have anything about this listed on their websites. Some schools don't care, some do.

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I had a lot of withdrawals on my transcripts when I applied to my program. My first few years of college were tumultuous as I was very sick/hospitalized frequently for what I have now being diagnosed with (Crohn's disease). I took the essay as a chance to explain these withdrawals and also show I was 100% up to nursing school (health wise) because being hospitalized so much was actually one of the reasons I decided to become a nurse!