What are good hospitals in the North Side of Chicago?


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Hello, I am currently an RN in Florida and is planning to move to Chicago in August. What are some good hospitals near the North side of Chicago (niles, park ridge, glenview, morton grove, skokie)? I work at a teaching hospital and magnet hospital now and prefer to apply in a place like or similar to it.

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Ok, those are Near-North suburbs, those are not the North side of the city (when you get here, you'll learn how this distinction matters). I go to nursing school on the North side, and am just getting a handle on which are good hospitals, but for clinicals a lot of people in my cohort tried to get into Northwestern (Near-North side, which means close to the Loop) and Illinois Masonic (Lincoln Park/Lakeview) for med-surg next quarter. Also, Children's Memorial is the big name for pediatrics in the city.

Also, if you live anywhere near an L line in the city, you can get to Cook County Hospital, Rush-St. Luke's, and UofI Medical Center via the Blue Line.

Hi Thsquire, where do you go for NS in the northside?I'm in the process of applying to NS at the community around the northside and the burbs. Are you in a RN or BSN program? How is it going for you?

Any advices will be helpful, Thanks! :bow:

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I'm in DePaul's Master's Entry program. I'm about to finish my first quarter, and it's been alright so far. If you want to apply there, you'll need a bachelor's in anything plus a year of bio and chem each, along with a prior 3.0 gpa and 1000 composite GRE.

As for other schools in the area, I know that Loyola has a BSN program on its lakeshore campus, while Oakton CC has an ADN program. There are probably others, but I focused on the ABSN and DEMSN programs when I was searching.

Thanks Thesquire! I"m actually just looking for a ASN program at comm colleges. I want to just get my RN 1st and then a BSN completion. Do you know anyone who is in a good ASN program in the city?

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Sorry, no - I grew up in the suburbs and spent the last 6 years going to school and then working in Champaign, so the only ADN program I know of in or near the North Side is the one at Oakton, since one of my instructors used to teach there.


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Truman is supposed to have a pretty good ADN program. They are one of the City Colleges of Chicago. I'm not sure of any other ADN programs in the city besides the ones in the CCC. Good luck!


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truman is the best ADN program in chicago. i am a grad there and their passing rate on nclex is greater than 90%.

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