What if you get pregnant while in Nursing school


I am currently taking prerequisites for entry into the nursing program and at the same time me and the hubby are trying to start a family. I currently have 2 options.

1) Get admitted to an LVN program starting January 2006, complete the LVN program in Dec 2006 take a semester off to pass the LVN boards and get admitted to the LVN-RN transition program in Summer 07. This way I will complete the ADN-RN by May 08.

2) My second option is to try for the direct entry into the RN-ADN program in Fall 06 and finish in Fall 08.

The way the admission is structured in the school I want to get into I have to finish all the prereqs even before applying (they give points based on number of pre req classes complete) so it pretty much means completing all your prereqs before even applying and taking a break for a semester.

Anyways, like I said me and the hubby want to start a family and have been trying since the last 2-3 months. I plan to go with option 2 above if I get prgnant between now and Dec 05, but was wondering if anyone has experience with pregnancy while in nursing school (either LVN or RN). Are they flexible enough to let you take a break in the semester you deliver and allow you to come back the following semester/year ? Any suggestions. I would like to keep trying to conceive naturally while still in nursing school.


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I have seen quite a few pregnant nursing students throughout my career. As well as pregnant medical students and residents.

It is all going to depend on how well you are doing with your pregnancy, and what you are able to handle.

I have also known pregnant anesthesia nursing students, as well.

The pregnancy should not make any impact on your schooling.


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Hi texancanadian,

I just wanted to share with you that I had my two children while attending school for my ADN. Started Nursing school in August 1993, got pregnant with my first in September. When my first was 13 months I delivered my second and graduated 4 days later, July 1995. I did not graduate with the class I started with, I was behind by one semester. I attended a community college, and I too, completed all my pre-reqs before starting the program. The school did not consider it an issue for me to take off the semester. I also worked part time as a PCT in same day surgery both before and after my first was born. I was lucky that I did not have any problems with either pregnancy. I know that my drive to follow my dream was very strong and that helped to keep me going. When I look back on it today, I really don't know how the heck I did it!

So as the OP above shared that many have been there and done that, I wanted to share my first hand story.

Good luck and God Speed to you and yours,



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I am done with the baby thing but in my nursing class there are four expecting in the next couple of months.These girls are not planning on dropping out and will be bringing their babies with them to class as long as they are not too disruptive. Administration has given this the ok but some of us are skeptical about how this will work out. Anyone else ever heard of this? :rolleyes:

Wow, I can't imagine 4 newborn babies in class. My former boss was very family-friendly, and used to suggest that I set up a playpen for my daughter in my office and bring her to work with me. I personally never thought it would be doable...and I had my own office where I could shut my door!

My family is the most important thing in the world to me, and it's nice of your school to ok this, but I would think that no matter what it would be very disruptive to the other students.


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I have known a few preg. nursing students and they do fine. My school has a strict no children in class policy.....our classes are very long (and boring for kids!) and children would be very disruptive during class...my school does offer free child care on campus though so its never been a problem:) it gives the elem ed students something to do:) lol...

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