What is Fifths Disease?

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What is fifths disease and what are the symptoms? How is it gotten? Any info is appreciated, thanks.


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Hi Michelle:

One of my friends actually got fifth disease right before she got MARRIED... and she was 24.

She had fever, malaise, and a big splotchy red mark on both sides of her face. Looked like someone had slapped the sh!t out of her.

Poor thing.

Its usually a kiddie disease, caused by HPV, managed by antipyretics, analgesics, and antiinflammatories. Any other questions could probably be referred to the link above for more 'scientific' info.



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Viral infection. The fifth virus identified, therefore the name.

Characteristic s/s include fever, malaise, occ. sore throat and other uri s/s. After the fever subsides and the child begins to feel better, the cheeks get red and a lacey red rash appears on the extremeties, and the body. That's when parents get concerned. The rash scares everybody but what they don't realize is at that stage, the illness is all but gone. The rash can come and go for up to 2-3 weeks, especially on the arms and legs. The rash get more prominent when the child is active and gets hot. Exposure to pregnant women should be discouraged, btw. Encourage any exposures to contact their ob docs.


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Commonly called "slapped cheek" disease


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it is a very dangerous viral disease easily caught, dangerous for unborn child at least. it can lead to abdormalities and hydrops fetalis. had a cpl of patiens who contacted it,most done just fine one had minor birth defect was missing small toe on left foot.

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