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  1. michellelpn

    Low Fat? yea right!

    I am always happy to see that my kids 12 and 14 like to eat lettuce but I have also seen the large amount of dressing that they pour onto the salad. It looks like dressing with lettuce. HA HA!! I too have switched to low fat or fat free dressings and they don't seem to mind. Michelle
  2. michellelpn

    Roux en Y gastric bypass video

    I am searching for a video on the Roux en Y gastric bypass. I had this procedure done in Ohio and I have always been interested in surgical nursing. I would like to see exactly how they do this surgery. There are many people in my area who have also had the gastric bypass and it seems that our doctors in local hospitals are lost when it comes to treating us because they don't know exactly what they are dealing with. Also does anyone understand why after this surgery a person usually can't handle regular sugar over 2mg. in any food. I developed pancreatitis after my surgery on May 10th and had to stay 4 extra days in the hospital but I am much improved. CAn anyone help me with info or with locating a video. It would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Michelle
  3. I am an LPN and on May 10th I underwent a gastric bypass at Bariatric Treatment (Care) Center in OHIO. I developed pancreatits after this surgery and had to be transported back to BTC for four more days but I am doing very well now. I have lost 25lbs in 3 weeks. I was wondering if anyone on here had had the surgery or knew anyone who had had it done. IT is great to be able to speak with others who had been down this road also. :) I am also interested in finding a video that shows the bypass being done but so far haven't been successful in finding anyone who knew where to find one. Can anyone be of help to me? It would be greatly appreciated. I enjoyed my clinicals through surgery and would like to see exactly how they did mine if possible. It was the Roux en Y. I think that is the correct spelling. My email address - michelle_(that is underscore)arpin@hotmail.com. Thanks so much, Michelle
  4. michellelpn

    Bariatric Care Centers/ Gastric bypass

    i am a lpn and on may 10th i underwent a gastric bypass at bariatric care center for wt loss. i developed pancreatitis following surgery and spent some extra days in the hospital but i am much better now. i have lost 25lbs in 3 weeks. i know a few people who have had this procedure done but i was wondering if anyone on here has had it also or knows someone who has had it. it is always helpful to talk with others who have gone through it too. thank you, michelle email address -- michelle_(that is underscore)arpin@hotmail.com
  5. michellelpn

    What is Fifths Disease?

    What is fifths disease and what are the symptoms? How is it gotten? Any info is appreciated, thanks.
  6. michellelpn

    pt to nurse ratio

    What is the patient to nurse ratio where you work? What shift do you work and what area of nursing are you employed in? :) :) :) :) :) Michelle
  7. michellelpn

    starting ivs

    Do most lpns start their own ivs in most of the areas of nursing? Does it depend on if your job trains you? What are the new guidelines for what an lpn can hang? I am a fewly new lpn and this ivs and lab draws are new to me. Michelle
  8. michellelpn

    In the mind of the elderly

    Let me know if you have encountered similiar experiences when working with elderly.:) :) :)
  9. michellelpn

    In the mind of the elderly

    :eek: This is a story told to me by another nurse in the LTC setting. There was an elderly woman who was in need of a stool softner who was not wanting to take it. As the nurse tried to persuade the woman to take it, the woman continued to say she didn't need it. Finally the woman asked the nurse how she knew that she needed it and the nurse replied, "because the paper says you do." The woman was beside herself thinking, in her mind, that the nurse was referring to the daily newspaper and that everyone in town now knew that SHE HADN'T HAD A BM IN 3 DAYS. The nurse, of course, was referring to the BM chart "paper". The horror that went through the elderly lady's mind. We have to watch how we word what we say. :) :) :) :) :) Michelle
  10. I truely think that the nursing staff should be different from the other dept of the hospital. Nothing is worse than trying to track down a nurse in a hurry while a patient in the hospital only to find out that the person you are talking to is the housekeeper and everyone is wearing the printed uniforms-- most of the time the name badges are either printed too small to read or flipped over so they can't be read. I am a nurse but I myself find this very frustrating. When starting a new job in a large hospital, it is also often hard to know who is an RN and who is an LPN. If you are working a pool position this further complicates knowing who is who from shift to shift. :eek: Can this be helped? :eek:
  11. michellelpn

    LPN-RN partnership in nursing-a gentle reminder

    :D :D :) I really like that though I was beginning to wonder about you. Some times the job is great and the people we work with and for are too.
  12. michellelpn

    LPN-RN partnership in nursing-a gentle reminder

    :) WELL PUT!!!!! THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE !!!!!! :p
  13. michellelpn

    Tell me about rehab nursing

    I am starting a pool position as a lpn at a rehab hospital and I am currently working as a residential nurse with MD/DD/MH clients. I am wondering what type of nursing skills you use in this type setting. I graduated nursing school 2 yrs ago and have been at the current job since that time. Thanks:rolleyes:
  14. michellelpn

    nonossifying fibroma

    My daughter is 13 years old and about a year ago while playing softball she fractured her ankle and twisted her knee. When they xrayed her knee the ER spotted the tumor almost the entire diameter of her distal femur. They didn't say anything to us but referred her to an orthropetic dr who was puzzled and said he had never heard or seen one that lg and referred her to an oncologist in Akron, OH. They also told her no wt bearing on that leg what so ever for fear that it would break. The lg tumor is located on the back of the thigh and she also has two small ones below the knee. I was told that these form at 4-6yrs old and fill with bone at 7-8 yrs old usually. Does anyone have more insight into these nonossifying fibromas? They xray them at 3 months and they were slightly larger or appeared so. They are to xray in 6 monthes now. She complains of knee pain alot and I am wondering if it might be referred pain. Thanks for the information. michellelpn
  15. michellelpn

    interstitial cystitis syndrome

    Do you know any information on this condition (ICS) and do you know any kids that have been diagnosed with it? I have a 7 yr old niece that has ICS. Thanks!
  16. michellelpn

    Heel Pain

    I have found that the best shoes for this problem are the New Balance tennis shoes. Many of the ladies that I work with swear by them and I sure do. I have heel pain first thing in the morning when my feet hit the floor and I have found that the sooner I put them on the better my feet do. I can sure tell when I have been wearing other shoes. Try them you will see a difference.