What exactly can a CMT do in LTC?


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My hubby is a nursing student now, but was a CNA/CMT several years ago and has to retake both b/c he let his certification lapse. He is currently employed as a CNA, taking CMT class and works full time nights. He says since he will be a CMT soon, certain charge nurses have let him do certain treatments for them, such as lotions and creams. He wants to know if this could include dressing changes once he gets his CMT? He is going to school for his RN. He wants to be a state inspector.

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No, he can not do dressing changes. TMA's (CMT) can only put lotions, creams, etc on. Some places allow for them to do the blood sugars and others do not. He would still be considered a CNA for the most part.


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My med techs can pass all oral medications, administer eye drops, administer inhalers, administer breathing treatments, apply topical medications, and perform simple dressings such as skin tears treatments (cleanse with normal saline, apply Neosporin, cover with a telfa bandage) because they have been taught to perform these functions in our facility.

Med Techs/CNAs in NYS do none of that, except creams. In fact, med techs are only employed in very specific and limited settings and not in LTC at all.

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Med Techs in my state can do pills, creams, inhalers, eye drops, and fingersticks. With additional training, they can do "invasive" procedures like insulin, enemas, suppositories, and ear flushes.