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it depends on the class. clinicals and lab are sat/unsat although there are projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, practicals in those classes. we just dont get a % grade. However, we must get a C or higher on everything. If you fail one test/assignment...you might be granted a supplemental.

regular classes that earn a % grade consist of tests, projects etc...some classes are just graded with tests.

they are tough on us, but its because they want us to learn!


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It depends on the course. I am in a BSN program & we have a paper in every class that counts for anywhere from 10 to 25% of our grade. The rest is split between exams, quizzes, care plans and skills videotaping. However, the majority is always exams. Our final med-surg class is 80% exams.

Clinical is either satifactory or unsatisfactory, with the u being an automatic failure in the course. Clincial doesnt factor into your overall course grade otherwise.

I understand their rationale, if you can't pass the nclex, you have a useless degree.


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We must pass all out unit exams with a C or better average. Final exam is a C or better when averaged with the exams. Pass/fail for clinical including skill assessments on a sq injections, IV piggyback, documentation, 1 nursing process paper, 1 teaching paper and 10 small dosage calculations sheets. Our school just started requiring a math exam. You need to get 100% or have to cont. to take the exam for a total of three times. Even if you don't get 100% on the last one, you still pass. They have yet to decide a pass level - maybe next semester. If you fail clinical, you fail the course, even if you have an A average on all exams.

Unfortunately it is true that they do need to focus on the NCLEX, that pass rate is what is looked at with regards to the worth of a school. Basically all else is pretty useless, if you can't pass the NCLEX. Sad, but true. The state won't care if you have a kicka@@ research paper. ;)

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