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  1. mike1973

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    This has worked for 4 other fellow students in my class.
  2. mike1973

    Is it feasible to work during nursing school?

    I'm 36 years old work 40 hours in a week in the plastics industry, have a family, President of Student Nurses Association, and will graduate in 20 days. I have maintained a B average in my nursing courses (pre-reqs had 4.0). So yes it is possible but not at all easy. No matter your circumstances nursing school is challenging and demanding.
  3. mike1973

    Who made it through their first week alive??!!

    Yes I made it through! I am trying to keep my eyes open at the moment but the first week of baptism by fire is over. Just like everyone else here we have a ton of reading, med. terms quiz on Tuesday (about 240 terms, and 110 abbreviations need to learn), Vital signs are next week so I am off to see if I can properly do a BP. Having trouble with palpating the brachial artery. I have found mine but it is hard to find in other people. I guess that's why I'm in school!
  4. mike1973

    Pacing with Worries

    Yes I made it though the first day without fainting, vomitting, or going completely bonkers!! It was such a relief just to make in the doors. The tenor of the instructors was completly different today. They were very drill sargeant like in the orientation but today they were a little more laid back. I felt that I could actually approach them if I had questions or concerns. I think that is one of the big reasons I got myself so worked up, the instructors and Dean were actually mean and had the air of gloom and doom at the first meeting. I actually told another student that I was ready for whatever they want to throw my way. I am determined to make it through and become the part of RN community! Thanks again for all of the support!
  5. mike1973

    Pacing with Worries

    Monica - Good luck to you and your family. As you can tell this is a great area to post and get positive reinforcement! Try and keep a positive outlook.
  6. mike1973

    Pacing with Worries

    I am so very thankful for everyone's support! A lot of these posts have made me smile and a few have made me belly laugh. Sometimes it helps to know that there are people going through the same emotional roller coaster. I have sucked it up and am ready to take on the beast of nursing school. I have done everything that I know of to prepare for this adventure and I am going to make the most of it. I wish everyone the best of luck! Thank you for sharing
  7. mike1973

    Pacing with Worries

    Thank you all for the support and encouragement. I woke up and everything seems to be better today. It is amazing what a slippery slope that fear and anxiety can be. I think the biggest thing to my success is to not look at the next two years but to concentrate on the first day and then one day at a time. I wish all of you the best of luck! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  8. mike1973

    Pacing with Worries

    i start class on monday and am freaking out. there is a massive pit in my stomach and acid reflux in my throat. i have tried to keep everything in perspective and to try and force myself to calm down but nothing is helping. breathing, cleaning, shopping nothing is helping me with my fears of failing. even xanax hasn't taken the edge off! i have even found myself pacing back and forth. my mind is constantly on august 20th 8:00 am! i feel that i am disadvantaged because i have not worked in a health care setting before and those that do, will have a leg up on me. i have the greatest support team but they can not even soothe the savage beast of self doubt. i feel like it is the first day of high school and i going to get shoved in a locker (not that i would even fit in a locker but you get the point). thanks mike