What is the current content areas that NCLEX focuses on?


I graduated with ADN in May 2009. Since then I've tested 2 times and failed both times. I'm finally going to take the NCLEX again after jumping through all the nursing board hoops to retest after 2 years past graduation. I could use any suggestions to help prepare. It's been awhile so I am unsure of what is out there.


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Hurst review will prepare you will as you graduated long time ago and forgot most of the contents

And i would buy saunders Q&A , it has about 1800 questions, do them all before the NCLEX, and write down facts of every question, review them a 3-7 days before the test...

I think that would be good, La charity is a good book for prioritizations as well, NCLEX focuses a lot on delegations and prioritizations.

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NCLEX does not really test on content, it tests your ability to practice as a safe nurse. Yes, knowing content is important but not the deciding factor on whether you pass or fail. You need to go to the NCBSN website and view the current test plan. Here is the link:https://www.ncsbn.org/1287.htm

If you focus on practicing questions using the test plan you should be fine. Focus on your weak areas. If you need to review content do so but this should not be your primary focus. For example I was weak in infection control and safe and effective care, there fore I did NCLEX practice questions that involved such. This worked for me. I recently passed NCLEX with 75 questions. Good luck.