What if Covid-19 doesn't go away


They are saying the antibodies are only lasting 2-3 months at best.

What is it going to happen??? Are we all going to die?

This virus is horrible and if a human being "designed" it, I wish they will go to hell.

I am not ready to die. None of the people who succumbed to this virus were.

I feel defeated. Deep breathing and taking supplements* (as that will stop the virus) doesn't help when I see first hand what it does!!

It kills .

I'm in Fl . God help us.



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it is scary. I am so sorry you are going through this. Sorry that we all are. It feels as if life will never be the same and it is hard to imagine how this will end. Do some research on Quercetin. It is a supplement that has shown great promise in research and trials at preventing infection and is now being studied as another treatment as well. Hugs from Minnesota....


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Ty Megan. It is frightening, and I guess none of us are prepared or know how to deal with this.

I am looking into the supplement you mentioned . Ty so much for your reply.

I am doing OK now, it's just that the number of people we lost, and the fact that I knew them for years hit me really hard.


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Who knows what is going to happen. I see reports that it could be around for 2-3 years and will still have a impact because even with the high number of cases and deaths there are still people who think it is a false made up report by the media to cause unnecessary panic. Vaccines appear to be close but can the companies make the billions of doses required to vaccinate everyone in a timely manner

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First I just want to give you a virtual hug. There have been times that facing the “what if” parts of this combined with the awful results of a surge has brought me to places of crippling anxiety, despair and anger. I know how you are feeling.

The best thing I have done for myself ever in my life happened two weeks ago. That was when I deleted most of my social media presence, took up a long neglected beloved hobby to fill my free hours and focused on ways to connect with people I care about. It helps more than I can tell you. My Xanax RX has been largely untouched. I can read the news without being triggered. I have blocked people here on AN whose replies to this have triggered me as well. I highly recommend these actions if you are struggling. It doesn’t make it all go away but it makes it mentally manageable by not inviting me down the rabbit holes of doom. Consider giving it a try. Hang in there.