What does the color triangle in Saunders book mean?


What does the color triangle in Saunders book mean? Lookslike there is a cd behind it. I tried looking through the beginning to help identify this symbol, but no luck. It is through out the book in several places.

Anyone know what it means?

I think it looks like key points.

It is in the saunders comprehensive review for the nclex 5th edition. If you have this book there are these color triangles through out the book.

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I believe if you look in the preface of the book - it says they are special features/terms that are important. I have the newer edition (6th) and mine has pyramids as well. The preface explains these are pyramids to success and important concepts to know.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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I have saunders as well and the book states the pyramid and red alerts are most likely topics on nclex.