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Okay so I am Currently a teacher in NY realizing and wishing I could have gone to nursing school. I absolutely can not teach anymore. I realized I made a mistake. I got discouraged years ago because of my undergraduate grades, they were not high enough. I have a bachelors of Arts in psychology and mistakingly went on to get a masters of science in Education. I have a list of reasons as to why I am done teaching altogether. My real question is do I have a chance at getting into an ABSN program now? I have my heart set on NYUs ABSN program.With my graduate degreee I only received A's and A- and Have a 3.9 GPA. However with my bachelors I received a 3.0 but what really worries me is the grades i received in Math and statistics. Does it automatically disqualify me? In 2007 I earned a C+ in intro to stats. I know that for all nursing schools that prereq was taken way too long ago and I would need to retake it anyways but would it still be counted against me? Then I took statistics of psychology in 2009 and passed it with a B. Does that count as statistics ,it is still within the 10 year range. But it gets worse in 2005 I took college algebra and withdrew only to attempt to take it again in 2007 and failed it I was not focused. I dont have any other prereq under my belt. Im willing to start from scratch I just dont want to waste my time. Do I stand a chance. Can anyone relate? Im 32 now and my graduate transcript shows I can get straight As but my undergraduate transcript is all over the place? Can anyone relate?

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If you really want to go to Nursing school apply and see what happens.

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These are question you need to direct to your program of interest. How they calculate GOA, what credits will transfer, and how recent your previous courses need to be are all dependent on the individual program. You may find that you are not competitive enough for NYU, but there are many other nursing programs in your area that you may qualify for. You'll just need to do some research.

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You sound like you have a stellar background, which I'm sure would be taken into account when applying. You're not coming into this like some green-nosed kid...you had a career. Schools like to see that. The fact you have a Master's means you are able to study at that level, and that can only go in your favor. You may very well have to take stats again, depending on what school you go to. I had to take both undergrad and graduate level stats. If you ever do, I recommend a site called Laerd Statistics. It's a stats tutorial site that only costs like $7 the whole semester. It was worth paying for. I think you can comfortably apply to nursing schools. Apply to the best schools you can, preferably a Bachelor's program.

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My school didn't take any transfer GPA, I needed to take at least 4 classes to establish a GPA at my current school. It worked because I needed to take my sciences anyway. My BS was in psych and that stats class transferred over in place of any other. I was 34 when I started, and this is now my 3rd degree! I don't think it's ever too late to start, even if you start from "scratch" though I'm assuming more classes will transfer than you think. Talk to whatever schools you are looking into and see if prior schooling helps (in my school, a masters would give you 4 points towards the point/acceptance system). Good luck!

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Get started on the science prereqs while you look for programs.

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