What can I expect at Orientation?

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Hi everyone. I have orientation this week and was wondering what to expect? If anyone has already had theirs I would love to hear what happened. Thanks. :uhoh3: :)


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Our orientation was only one day and I think it took about three hours. They covered the courses we were covering in the first year, what to expect in clinicals, supplies we needed to buy, and books. They also talked about expectations and the student code of conduct. They introduced important faculty members and clinical instructors for the first quarter. I believe we covered the syllabus for the courses. That's about all I can remember.

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We talked about the uniforms, the classes, the supplies we need to buy, , background checks, registration, stuff like that. They also had a few current students there who were pushing us to join CSNA. I think it took about 2 hours.

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My orientation in August is two and a half days long!! I'm not sure what to expect either....


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Our's was a waste of time. They handed out packets, had us fill out information, told us about the program, classes, uniforms, ect. It lasted 2 hours. We could have read and filled out the papers at home. (kicker, they misplaced our papers so we all had to fill out the papers again at our 2nd orientation!)

Mine was today. We signed up for our classes, including clinicals. They went over dress code, student nurse handbook, some financial aid info., classes, etc.. I found it to be very helpful. It also really got me excited about starting. Can't wait!!!!

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