What is the best Stethoscope to use for clinicals



I will be purchasing a stethoscope soon for use at clinicals next semester. Any suggestions on which is probably the best?


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I have a Littmann Master Cardiology II and while I payed a boat load for it, I love it. I can hear everything. The only complaint I have now, is that when I use the disposable steths for contact precaution patients, I can't hear anything. Just make sure you either engrave it or keep a tag on it, because they like to grow legs ;)


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On the "they grow legs and run away" idea, get the cheapest one that you can hear through. Go to a scrub store and try out a few different ones. That said I have a Littman Cardiology III, which is amazing. However, I am no longer a student with no money.


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I have an Ultrascope....works great!

Good luck.

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Search the site there are tonnes of threads on this topic.

With steths you get what you pay for. That said, purchasing a littmann cardiology might be a bit much for a first clinical experience. Littmans are great steths and good quality. My advice would be the classic se II. Its a great beginner steth which many nurses keep using throughout their careers. If you want to upgrade later then that's great, go for the cardiology.

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I dunno about buying a cheap stethoscope for clinicals. My CI was not pleased when I couldn't hear a heart murmur with a patient, in clinical. I listened over the mitral valve, and I just couldn't hear the swishing sound with the cheaper scope I was wearing that day. I listened with a classmate's Littman Cardiology III and heard the murmur right away.

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Because, I did not have the money to buy an expensive scope, I bought one that I could afford at the time. I purchased one that can be used with peds and adults. It worked out fine.


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Thanks for the response. Greatly appreciated. I;m new to the site, but tons tons of info.


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Thanks. I have decided to look into the Littman Cardiology III

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I have a Littman Cardiology III and I love it! Check out Ebay, amazon.com, etc. I got mine online for under $100.

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