What is the best option for me? - Low GPA wanting ABSN

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I recently graduated with a non-nursing bachelors and a GPA of 3.1. I’m interested in nursing and will be taking general nursing pre-reqs this Summer Ap1&2, micro etc. 

Which programs would I be competitive for (CT resident)? 

Do I have a shot at getting in to an ABSN program? 

I have looked into programs outside the state too. 
I am primarily looking at ABSN programs with multiple start dates as my goal is to be enrolled in a program asap.  

Any info would be very beneficial! 


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Are you saying youre planning on taking A&P 1 and 2 and micro in the same Summer semester? 


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What was you BS degree in?


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What's your degree in? Do you have any volunteer experience (in any area)? Do you have any healthcare experience? What grades do you realistically think you'll be getting in the pre-reqs? ABSN's look at a lot of different criteria, they tend to look at the applicant as a whole instead of just grades/numbers. If you're asking if a 3.1uGPA will keep you from being accepted, the answer is no. If the rest of your app is strong, that GPA shouldn't hold you back too much for ABSN programs .