What does ABT stand for?

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Hi, I am a new graduate and just started working in LTC...I also just moved to a new state, and have noticed that different slang and abbreviations are used here.

Anyways, the nurses there are always saying "abt/gingivitis...abt/uti"...

What are they talking about????

I thought 'abt' stood for autologous blood transfusion.

Antibiotic therapy.

check with your staff educator for a list of approved abbreviations....

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The patient is receiving antibiotic therapy for gingivitis.

The patient is receiving antibiotic therapy for a urinary tract infection.

ABT = Antibiotic Therapy

I can relate to the different terminologies. ABX is Antibiotics at our facility. I also notice that the LVN's charting is mixed in with the RN's and the charts call all of us licensed nurses (LN). Its taking me awhile to get use to LVN's telling me what to do, but I'm a new RN and I've learned quite a bit about Nursing home procedures from them.

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