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WGU Prelicensure Dallas, Texas


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Mine is Teri and she is awesome too!

Im interested in the Dallas cohort in the fall. I have a question. I know every 3 months after the first term will be clinicals for a two week period. Does anyone know how often the labs/simulations would be?


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After the pre-term of 6 months, the sequence goes lab, lab, clinical. Month 1 and 2 are weekend labs, then month 3 is a clinical.

Everyone else, did your enrollment counselor tell u to expect the intro lab to be on the weekend of Jan. 10?

Thanks Geaux, for the labs, are they on the weekend? For instance, 1 weekend per month?


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Yes, as i understand, one weekend per month.


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I was accepted to the Nov 1 cohort in 2012 my GPA was 3.0 and my TEAS was 67.3 now I am about to finish in April I have just one class left! I also work n the medical field for the last 16 years as a PCA. Good Luck and dont give up! Labs happen for the CASAL I and II, Chronic Care, OB, PEDS and chronic care there are no labs for Psych, Community or Role transition. I finished Biochemistry in 21 days and the boot camp was intense if you had no medical experience. I have found the program challenging but I know my stuff from the lesson taught. I would suggest to stay on track don't get behind and if you can start adding non nursing courses like evidence based after chronic care otherwise you will end up with 19 hours in your last term and that is a lot of stress when you should start breathing a little easier.

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I was told the same thing by my enrollment counselor. Jan. 10th and 11th for bootcamp and Jan. 17th for the skills test. I'm excited to begin my new journey. I'm going to try to finish the non-nursing courses ASAP so I don't become overloaded in the last semester.

I received an email today that stated the boot camp days have been confirmed and they will be on the 10 and 11th. And the test will be on the 17th.

Does anyone know what the online orientation will consist of?

Just wanted to update everyone. I started and finished my orientation today. It went well. I have a follow up call with my enrollment counselor and admissions coordinator later this week. Has anyone received any information on their mentor?


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Haven't received my orientation stuff because I am waiting on my updated transcript to be processed from the school I am finishing. This is finals week and was hoping to get my grades posted early. Did you get a time frame for testing after boot camp? I am supposed to work that day and I need to know if I need to find someone to cover me the whole day or for a few hours.


By time frame I'm guessing you mean how long are we going to be there? I don't have an answer to that.

For Dallas Jan. 2015 CoHort:

I wanted to give a quick update.

I just spoke with Admissions and Mentors will be assigned hopefully by the 23rd but the latest date will be the 29th. They are trying to finalize every student.

I got an email from my Mentor! Earlier than I expected. She practically wrote an essay with lots of information for me to absorb.

*Has anyone else heard from their mentor?


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Have not heard anything yet, but I am still waiting for them to review my updated transcript. Probably won't be until next week. I am hoping that it is sooner than later. I would like to get the orientation part done.

I am talking to my Mentor tomorrow afternoon. Best of luck to you and I hope it gets processed quickly.

I spoke to my mentor earlier today. We did some introductions, she gave me a pdf handbook of the skills we are being tested over for boot camp (a checklist of skills they are looking for), and we have scheduled a degree plan telephone conversation for the following week after the Christmas Holidays. I have already been assigned homework from her (Vision Statement & About Me Worksheet). Lol! :roflmao: Everything seems to be going in order for me, but that could be that I was one of the top people on the list for processing (according to my mentor). She seems very awesome and down to earth. I'm very excited to be working with her and to meeting all of you on Jan. 10 & 11th. Our Dallas Jan. 2015 Co-Hort has 14 students that were accepted. If you are a part of the WGU Dallas Jan. 2015 Co-Hort, please feel free to chime in at any time. I would like to know how others are doing.

The continuation of this thread has been posted into a new thread called:[h=1]WGU Pre-Licensure Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort[/h]If you are a WGU Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort Student; Please join me there if you can to share with everyone our journey to becoming Nurses.

Hi, I am interested in enrolling in the next Cohort in Dallas, however, I would love to talk with some other students who are currently in a WGU cohort. I work full time and have a family and I'm wondering if anyone is having trouble juggling the workload with personal activities. Can you tell me when the labs are typically scheduled? It is a certain day/time and you have to attend or do they give you options with a few different dates/times? Have you found that WGU's program is helpful in providing the tools necessary to succeed in this program?

Thanks for the advice!