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  1. I am needing to get some basic information. Is there am exam in this class? Is it proctor? Do they let you use a calculator?

    I have been trying to work on formulas. My start date got moved to May 1st, due to problems that WGU made a mistake and had my transcripts showing it was from them. So I decided to start learning formulas for Statistics. So far I just don't get what is needed to be successful. Watching YouTube videos, etc.

    Is there a final exam in this class?
    Is there a software like Excel that is used?
    Can you use calculators?
    Any help would be appreciated
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  3. by   RNTC
    I completed statistics in healthcare. If you are taking this class I would not concentrate on formulas. Get the basic terminology down and do all the webinars and course of study.
  4. by   E2NURSE
    I too start statistics at wgu in May. I am also curious to know all the questions you asked. I hope someone answers soon.
  5. by   skoolrn
    Just finished Applied Healthcare Statistics. You don't do any math! You dont need a calculator! You don't need to memorize formulas! However, you do need to understand and remember a lot of theory. It has been my hardest class yet. It took me 3 weeks to complete the course of study. I did pass my assessment on the first try. Yes it is a proctored exam, 47 questions all multiple choice. You need a 63% to pass (which is the cut score for a B). You may go to an authorized testing center or use the webcam that comes in your new student welcome kit which you receive about 2 weeks after you start. The course of study will tell you exactly what you need to know.
  6. by   Reyval04
    @skoolrn: any tips on passing this class? i'm having such a hard time. I'm def not a statistics person. i'm reading and reading going back and forth to study guide but nothing seems to click. this class is delaying me big time!
  7. by   Reyval04
    Skoolrn; btw you did 50 cu's in 14 weeks? WOW!!!
  8. by   skoolrn
    @Reyval04 haha! No I did 33 cu's in 5.5 months!! It took me 3 weeks of 25 hrs a week of studying to pass stats. I was really stressed out like you are. I attended all the webinars and memorized terms and did the study guides. I compared my study guide answers to other students and we talked about why something was right or not. Doing that helped me immensely. I feel your pain. I am currently in Advanced Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research and it will be the most difficult COS this term.
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  9. by   featherzRN
    I did 50 CU's in 14 weeks, so you are probably thinking of me.. And the stats class at WGU is NOT bad - it's all terminology and concepts, no calculator needed.
  10. by   anatelborg
    @featherzRN 50CU's is AMAZING!!! advice? I am going into my second semester now and feeling a bit deflated. I am starting stats this week and then have community health and evidence based research and a few other classes. Any encouragement, support and advice would be so appreciated!
  11. by   dejayramah
    I just heard I have 41 credits to complete my BSN. Glad to hear stats is not to difficult. That class scared me!!! Hope to complete in 6 months! Starting in June. any advice is best order to take classes? Or hardest class?
  12. by   featherzRN
    Your mentor will go over all that with you, but a lot of people seem to start with Care of the Older adult, which if you work with the elderly is probably one of the easier classes. Another option, believe it or not, is biochemistry - seems a lot of people starting with that lately since it gets you used to doing the 'project' type of classes.
  13. by   dejayramah
    Thx featherzrn!!!
    I can't wait. Would you say 3 classes every 3 weeks to complete is doable? Or it just varies on a case by case basis? I have to say bravo to all the people that finished within 6 months. Simply amazing.
  14. by   featherzRN
    Quote from dejayramah
    Thx featherzrn!!!
    I can't wait. Would you say 3 classes every 3 weeks to complete is doable? Or it just varies on a case by case basis? I have to say bravo to all the people that finished within 6 months. Simply amazing.

    It's up to you. Some can complete classes that quickly, some cannot. It's all in how much you want or CAN put into it - if you have other responsibilities such as kids or a demanding job, you may not be able to go that quickly. In all fairness, most people do NOT finish within 6 months - there's an active facebook page for the program and I am guessing that most finish in 8-12 months. Several of us have done it in 6 or (much) less, and there are those that need to take it slower (and there's nothing wrong with that!) and take two years.

    I finished in 3.5 months, but I neglected everything else including sleep to get it done.