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  1. I have been admitted to the prelicensure program in Houston 01/18. I have been a CNA for 5 yrs and a LVN for almost 3 years. I'm married to an active duty army soldier who will deploy in May for a year and have a 7month old child. It's been a long road to finally find a program that works with our lifestyle. I feel like I've been fighting for this for years! Now that I've finally got accepted I feel like no one really gives a hoot (besides my lovely hubby). I understand I'm older(just turned 26) but I want a "yaaaay! Congrats!" Or something. I guess this is one of the things that come along with an untraditional nursing program. In my LVN program I had my cohort to celebrate with...maybe when I meet my cohort at WGU I'll feel ‘better'. I just need to hold on to someone and jump around in joy lol I'm SO happy this is finally happening!
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  3. by   Kchaffin
    Congratulations!!! You busted your hump to get where you are and you don't need anyone to toot your horn....BLAST IT YOURSELF!!! Go out and celebrate!

    Word to the wise: since your munchkin is so young....set up several back up sitters and definitly get family onboard if possible... A strong support system will make your life so much less hectic. Good luck in your journey
  4. by   WonderousIvy
    Thank you!! Lol! Are you in the program now??
  5. by   Kchaffin
    No I am still waiting to see if I got in...they started calling people yesterday though
  6. by   WonderousIvy
    Great! What start date and cohort are you applying for?
  7. by   Kchaffin
    Feb 2018 So Cal cohort..its Funny you got in the Houston Cohort...thats my home town lol well Dayton, TX off hwy 90
  8. by   WonderousIvy
    Oh wow. I'm actually still living in Sacramento right now...I'm moving to Houston in a couple months.
  9. by   Kchaffin
    I think you will like it...the cost of living is so much cheaper....there is an awesome childrens museum and if the zoo is still around your lil one will love it. I wish I could move back.
  10. by   berdawn
  11. by   WonderousIvy
    ❤️❤️thank you so much
  12. by   FSZ Student Nurse
    It's a great feeling to achieve something after working so long and hard!
    FYI: 26 is not "older". I've got people in my program who are in their 50s! It all depends on the program you're in.
    And, I agree with Kchaffin; get yourself a rotation of good babysitters. Keep in mind you'll also need time to study.
    Good luck with the program. Best wishes to you and yours!
  13. by   WonderousIvy
    Thanks! I'm in the prelicensure program right now. I'm moving in with my parents for a year while my husband is in Korea,so they are watching our daughter for me. The second year of the program my husband and I will probably have to rotate shifts lol. We want to have another child though so idk we will see how that goes while in school!
  14. by   RN4HUGS
    Congratulations and welcome to the WGU nursing family!

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