Where did you go to nursing school?

  1. I went to WVU-P, graduated in 2003.
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  3. by   rhonda L
    i went to south suburban college in illinois graduated in 1996 as lpn
  4. by   ljr3000
    I went to St. Mary's Nursing School; Huntington, WV
  5. by   barefootlady
    WV TECH, 1985. Before joined w University.
  6. by   pama
    ADN Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (currently the number 1 ADN program n WV)

    BSN/MSN Wet Virginia University
  7. by   beckymcrn
    I went to Butler County Community College (BC3) Butler, Pennsylvinia graduated in 1996. Took my test in South Carolina got my PA lisence first then got one here.

  8. by   ABH65,CRNA
    Alexian Brothers, Chicago Illinois, 1965 (all male school)

  9. by   Kathan
    I graduated from St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing in Syracuse NY
  10. by   cathy-scrapper
    Quote from NurseDixie
    I went to WVU-P, graduated in 2003.
    I am new to the Parkersburg area and am looking for nursing programs. What kind of program was the one you took at WVU-P. Is it a BSN or RN or LPN. Just curious! We moved from Michigan and I had just been accepted into a program there. Hoping it won't take to much more to get in here. Is the WVU-P one the only one in the area?


  11. by   Gator,SN
    I graduated in 2003 from Penn State University.
  12. by   NeuroICURN
    I graduated from WV Northern Community College.

    I'm trying to decide where to finish my RN to BSN. I've thought about doing WVUs online program, but I don't know anyone else that's done the program. I'd love to hear from anyone that has....and soon!!!
  13. by   mercyteapot
    I went to Duquesne in Pittsburgh.
  14. by   PaulMedik
    Southern class of '04!