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West Coast University Miami (Doral), Florida


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Hi Guys, Will be attending West Coast in Jan and I so excited and nervous at the same time. I am currently an LPN and have to retake the Sciences because they are older than 5 years. Soooo not happy about that buy I guess it is what it is. Anyone else starting in Jan. 2019?

BUMPING this post because I am looking into WCU after I complete my LPN program.

Hoping you can answer my questions:

  • Is there an LPN to ADN option available? The website is not very clear; there is some conflicting info on different pages.
  • Does WCU accept Straighterline credits? I am currently completing all of my pre-reqs with them.
  • Can you tell me the length of the LPN to ADN and/or BSN program after completing all of the pre-reqs?
  • What is the schedule like for nursing students in the LPN to ADN and/or BSN program? Since I will be an LPN, I plan on working throughout the program and I'm hoping the school schedule will be something I can work with.