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Thanks. I use to live in CA...in the East Bay Area, and down in Bakersfield. Moved around a lot for my previous career.


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Really? Cool. I am in So Cal now, Inglewood area but I am born and raised in the Bay Area. Oakland, CA. Been in So CA for 14 years now and wish I could move back home. I would love to move back to Sacramento.


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Has 10 years experience.

I lived in San Leandro, close to Oakland airport, for 3 years. I do miss it. Good luck to you. Hope you make it back to Sac :)


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Cool. I was born in The old Vesper Memorial Hospital San Leandro. Yeah I do too but it might be a couple years from now.


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As a male going through WCU, I have had an awesome experience! You are definitely the the minority, but it's kinda nice. Instructors typically tend to show favoritism towards the males. Female drama is a constant, I survived by just steering clear of all that non sense.

One of the biggest misconceptions people (and some students) have about WCU, is that they are guaranteed a degree. Let me tell you that is far from the truth! I have seen my entire cohort annihilated! I am in my last term and 1/8 of the students are from my original cohort, the rest are all those who have failed a class or 2 along the way. However, WCU is nice enough to give you 2 chances before permanently kicking you out of school.

The 130K price tag is the sticker price! Sign the paper saying you will buy your books on your own and that'll cut off a lot of fat! I went to Rio Hondo College in Whittier and got my AA and all my prereq's, WCU transferred in everything! When I graduate I will have a lil over 40k in loans, buts thats with 1 year of Post 9/11 GI Bill help.

I started a year AFTER a friend started the BSN program at CSULA and I am going to get my degree before her! One of the problems with public universities is that if they can't fill a class (people failing) they will cancel it! leaving you to wait another term to take that class. Theres nothing different from what you will learn at a Cal State versus WCU, same text books and material. The only difference is at WCU, you'll be required to retain the same info in half the time. Something to think about...


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Congrats on finally making the next step towards your nursing career! I too am a new student at WCU and so far I am loving it! I was very intimidated by the short terms, but with the right motivation and dedication, it is definitely possible to do well! Well good luck in your journey and maybe I will see you around campus some time!


hello fellow nurses / nursing students, especially my male nurses!

i am starting at west coast university in august in their BSN program. i honest couldn't be more excited, im allowing the idea of school to sort of take over my mind, that way im prepared in august!

just a bit of background on me, and my nursing experience so far!

i graduated from high school about 2 yrs ago, all throughout high school i knew i wanted to do nursing, but my mom wasn't very supportive at first because she'd tell me how much work nursing school is, and i wasn't the type of student to come home and study for hrs, i kind of just breezed through high school, and made great grades! with that said, i decided not to go to school for nursing, i ended up going to school for business & marketing communications; and it wasn't what i expected.

i ended up taking a break from school for a few months, to get re-inspired. i decided to pursue nursing again, starting by just taking my sciences at national university - which was challenging, because national has accelerated classes, so their classes are 8weeks. we had like 3 exams a week, between lecture and lab - i told myself if i can at least get through that, then i would continue figuring things out for nursing school. i ended up passing my classes, w/ pretty good grades! i was amazed at myself how i really indulged into my sciences, and i just knew i was making the right decisions.

fast forward to now, i am gearing up for classes to begin at west coast university, which i was extremely against going there at first just because of the expense, we all know how expensive it is! but my mom had to get me away from all of that, she is supporting me 110% on this journey, now that she believes i can actually get through it!

i took the hesi a while ago, and i was so nervous! i studied the exam book that they give you, and honestly if you're looking to take the hesi, i strongly recommend that you spend the $30 and get the book! i got an 89% , they require a minimum of %80, plus i guessed on some of the math lol.

i met with financial aid, and of course was having nightmares, but i've let that go! i don't want to be on waitlist for years, or have to compete for years to get into as program all for a lower price, in my case that would be wasting time.

wcu is not for everyone, but if its where you'd like to go, and if you're able to finance it, i say go for it! im so excited i hope you guys will comment, i hope those interested in nursing ask questions, and those in programs share their experience, especially my male nurses!

so excited to be on this journey with you all, i will update as much as possible!

Hello RyFutureRN

I'm just wondering if you by any chance applied to national university's nursing program as well, If you wanted to go to national's or what made you choose West Coast.


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Hi , I'm thinking about going to this school. Was financing easy ? Any advice will be appreciated