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  1. Pilot2FNP

    American Sentinel FNP

    muimai10, thanks so much for this information. I am really glad to hear about this, as I am a little....well....concerned about the 3P's. I am going to sign up for APEA and start studying all the questions, so hopefully it will help prepare me a little. I plan to start October 19th, so I have a little time to prepare in advance. Good luck with everything, and keep me posted as to how it's going!
  2. Pilot2FNP

    American Sentinel FNP

    Hey, I am just starting the process of applying to the FNP Program. Any thoughts about it since you have started? Also, any words of wisdom for Patho? Thanks.
  3. Pilot2FNP

    Nurse Consultant and EMR

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of starting my own nurse consulting business, with a goal of providing education to families who have a loved-one in hospice. My question is this: I will have access to patients medical conditions, and I want to chart about these patients and what advise I give to families. Because of this, I guess I will need to get HIPAA compliant EMR Software, such as Practice Fusion. Has anyone done this before, or has anyone started their own consulting business and had to set up their own EMR system? Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  4. Pilot2FNP

    Online vs residential

    Congrat's on finishing school! I start at University of Tampa Jan 20th. I can't wait to be in your shoes about to finish school
  5. Pilot2FNP


    Though online programs can be enticing, you need to really do your homework. Take a look through these threads and see how many people are "begging" for help trying to find preceptors. Online schools will sell you on their program, telling you that finding preceptors isn't a problem, etc, etc. The truth is that these "Admissions counselors" are just sales people trying to earn a buck by enrolling students. They will tell you anything and everything to get you to sign up for their program. I would advise you to do your research about any school you are looking at, and who owns the school. Then do a web search on that business to see what kind of history they have. For instance, you can do some research on South University, and their owner - Education Management Corporation. You will find that EMC has many local, state, and federal lawsuits against them for various things. It turns out that these online programs are more interested in getting your $$ than being a reputable school. Any program that is reputable should care enough about their students to arrange all their clinical experiences and find the preceptors for the students. You pay them a lot of $$ --- you should demand they provide you with this degree of professionalism. Do you think any medical schools would survive if they told their students, "go out and find your own clinical experiences"? No, med schools are too professional for this sort of thing. There are students that are very successful at NP For Profit programs. I know it can be done. But do your research on all the schools you are looking at. Look at who owns the schools, and do research on those owners. There are no programs out there that are perfect for everyone. Just do a lot of research before you pay anyone a lot of $$. Then go with whatever program you see as a best fit for you. I wish you the best of luck!
  6. Pilot2FNP

    Accepted...have concerns

    Just for my own piece of mind, I would not go to any school that is not accredited yet. That being said, every school has to start somewhere, and they need to have students for their first few classes. Kind of a catch 22. Although most schools accreditation process goes ok, there are instances where there is a glitch and the school doesn't get it's accreditation and all those students who graduated are screwed for a year or so until the school can fix the problem and get accredited. Personally, I wouldn't want to take that chance, so I would never go to a school that is just starting it's nursing program....even if it's a well-known reputable school.
  7. Pilot2FNP

    Names patients call you other than your own name

    I hate being called by Mr. (last name). When I flew for the airlines, I would hate people calling me Capt. (last name). I have a first name, and I prefer people to call me by it. I think it makes things much more personal and people seem to appreciate me dealing with them on a personal level....they always leave with a smile on their face. I'm not a FNP yet, but when I am, I won't change how I like people to call me. I still will use my first name.
  8. Pilot2FNP

    NA Student

    Hey Zach (or Zachary -- not sure which you like better). Congrats on starting. I remember when I was first starting, I didn't know anybody either. There were 3 other guys in my class, but all of us really worked well together and supported each other --- guys and girls alike. What area of the country do you live in? You may be able to make some good connections here!
  9. Pilot2FNP

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Lived all over the US for my previous career (an airline pilot). Went to nursing school in the Cincinnati area. Now living in Tampa, Florida area. About to start a Family Nurse Practitioner program here in Tampa.
  10. Pilot2FNP

    Starting from scratch desperately NEED direction advice

    I would advise against any online program, whether offered through a for-profit school or traditional brick-and-mortar school. The online programs make you set up all your own clinicals and find your own preceptors. In many cases, this causes a tremenous amount of pressure and stress for the student. The schools make it sound easy, but the reality is often cases much different. Just look at how many posts there are for someone begging to find a preceptor near them. The nurse practitioner industry should try to be as professional as medical schools. There an absolutely NO medical schools here in the US that would ever say to it's students, "now go out and find your own preceptors to get a good medical education." That would never fly with med school students. They pay too much money and take their profession too seriously to put up with that sort of nonsense. But nurses....well, we think it's ok for schools to do this to us. People say, "but the concenience of doing it all online is wonderful." Do you think med school students are in it for the convenience? They are in it to get a good education and for the school to do a lot of work to help them succeed. None of this "find your own clinicals" bs. I really wish the nursing industry would stand up and put these programs out of business. They are in it to make $$$, and they are very successful at it. As far as South University, they are owned by Education Management Corporation. I would suggest you do some research on that company....it might make you think twice before giving lots of $$ to South University. Also, whatever decision you make, do what's best for you. The for-profit schools are all about marketing and sales, so they will tell you anything. But in the end, their "admissions counselors" are just sales people trying to get people through the door. Wherever you go, make sure the school is Regionally Accredited, not Nationally Accredited. Being Regionally Accredited by one of the 6 major regional accrediting associations is better recognized. Schools that are only Nationally Accredited do not have to go through the same level of scrutiny that the Regionals do. Sorry if it seems like I'm bashing for profit schools. If they were more honest with potential students, I would be happier with them. If they said things like, "I'm a sales assoicate here - not a true admissions counselor", or "You will likely experience a lot of headaches and delays trying to find your own preceptors", then I would be much happier with them. At least they would be honest.
  11. Pilot2FNP

    Calling all NP's in Minnesota

    Finding your own preceptors can be a big problem, and schools that make you do this should be shut down. It's very unprofessional of them. How many medical schools tell their students to go find their own clinical rotations? None. That's because they are very professional. I wish the nursing profession were just as professional, but people keep paying these schools $$$ making these schools very happy. It just makes me mad at the whole profession.
  12. Pilot2FNP


    Incorrect. The DEA license is State Specific, and a new DEA Number will need to be obtained for each stated the practitioner practices in.
  13. Pilot2FNP


    Congratulations! You must be so excited. I got accepted to the University of Tampa, start in January, and am very excited also.
  14. Pilot2FNP

    So how does it feel like to be a male nurse

    OMG....someone else knows that quote . That's awesome. And it had something to do with pulling down your pants, and slide on the ice. Mash was such a great show!
  15. Pilot2FNP

    west coast university / male nursing student

    I lived in San Leandro, close to Oakland airport, for 3 years. I do miss it. Good luck to you. Hope you make it back to Sac :)
  16. Pilot2FNP

    west coast university / male nursing student

    Thanks. I use to live in CA...in the East Bay Area, and down in Bakersfield. Moved around a lot for my previous career.