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Well I blew it; tips for others


So I failed my 1st attempt. My score card says I was near passing on all topics and above on infection/safety.

My impression of the NCLEX with out violating my oath.

I started out strong first 25 questions but then I started to concentrate on if my next question was easy or hard to gauge how I was doing. My nerves started to kick in and once past the 75 questions my anxiety started to really kick in. I started to look at the clock, my feet started tapping, I was running out of time, "OMG" only 30 minutes left! I tried reading and answering faster and got to 247 questions. I knew I was in trouble. They take your "last" 60 questions and score you based on that. Those last 60 was when I was the least focused.

  • Exam is adaptive i.e it sees a weak area and it hammers you in that area
  • Was also caught of guard by the shear # of questions on certain topics the test plan said was lower % side.
  • I spent way to much time on "Med-Surg content" i.e NCLEX does not care that you know that peritonitis has a "rigid board like abdomen" those are low level type if you get those

Biggest advice is to stay calm and relaxed before the exam. This is a exam where you have to focus to answer "critical thinking" type of questions.

I lost everything...Had a GN position ready to go and everything. Well, I'm Licking my wounds and working my way back to study to take it again in 45 days.


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I just passed the RN NCLEX a couple of days ago and I found that answering NCLEX type questions helped me the most. I used UWorld which cost $49.00 for a 1 month subscription and Nurse Labs which is free. Know lab values, therapeutic effects of drugs, and what PPE to use. I cannot stress enough to find a couple of websites that offer NCLEX type questions with rationales and just keep answering questions.

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I'm sorry. Give yourself time to "mourn" and get back in the saddle.

Also, will your position not be held for a second attempt? I hope it will be but if not, there will be another one out there for you. Good luck!

I've never heard of uworld before? I also dont know anyone who has used it either. Is that better than NCSBN?

Im a repeat test-taker as well. I know what your going through. Do not give up. You made it through nursing school and you worked to hard for too long to give up. Also, staying focus plays a major role in testing. One of my issues is my eyes get dry from starring at the computer for so long. Im currently taking a different route with studying and making old fashioned note cards.

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Why would you waste time thinking if your questions are easy and hard. That is your problem. Stop reading into the question, what quality it is, etc. Just answer it correctly to the best of your critical thinking ability. Don't mind it if the question is harder or easier, you'll never know. Nobody really knows whats an easy question or hard question, we can only guess.


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I used UWorld, but I don't know if UWorld is better than NCSBN because I never used NCSBN. I found UWorld extremely challenging. I went through over 1,500 questions and answered only 54% of them right. Then went through the ones I got wrong. I kept doing the questions until I averaged 70% right. When I took the NCLEX I got 185 questions but I passed. I read somewhere (I can't find it now) that students that study for the NCLEX by answering NCLEX style questions do better than those who study from a textbook. I guess you have to determine what works best for you. Good luck on your next attempt!

I thought the NCSBN questions were great, but not as difficult as UWorld. On the qbank I was doing bad at first was eventually started getting about 50-80% of them right. I have done a few UWorld questions and they were difficult. I'm going to start doing more of them. I really hope what kenmcintyrejr said about doing questions is right because that is what I have been doing to pass this time around.