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2 weeks notice help


I need help or advice I'm planning on putting in my two weeks tomorrow and have never done it before. I don't know how to go about it. I'm extremely nervous.


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Write a letter thanking them for the opportunity to work with them and include the date that will be your last day available to work. Keep it short, simple and respectful.


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As above.

No need to give any details why you're leaving or where you're going.

Make sure your facility requires 2 weeks only. Some places require more depending on job title. NOT giving adequate notice could jeopardize your receiving any earned, but unused benefits like vacation time (BIGGIE). Could also affect your eligibility for rehire status.

Also check with HR/payroll office about COBRA healthcare insurance. You may not be eligible for it early in your new employ.

Good luck with your new endeavors.

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Keep it short and simple. State the last date of your current position. The letter should be dated for two weeks prior to the last day of the last shift. Also, check your benefits as they will not carry over once you have put in your notice. I always stated the reason I was resigning in my letter, but I see where others feel this is not necessary. There is really nothing to be nervous about, after all thisis your decision. They may try to bargain with you to get you to stay longer, but be firm in your date.

I usually speak to my immediate supervisor in person, as a courtesy, and hand over an actual paper letter of resignation at that time.

I second the suggestion to check and make sure that your current employer considers two weeks notice adequate for your position. You're setting yourself up for a number of possible problems if you don't go by the employer's policies about resigning.

Do you have another job already? These days, it can be a big mistake to quit without already having another job.

Best wishes!