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Weekends only?


Got my first RN interview. Graduate in 3 weeks. This job I interviewed for is in the NICU, which is my dream! She said she's very interested and the pay is super! But it's 7p-7a every Fri and Sat night. Anyone ever done this? I am not crazy about working every weekend for the next year or so, but I really would love this job!!

I never worked as a nurse doing that because I'm still in the application process, but during my senior transitions rotation I basically did that. My nurse preceptor that I got assigned to, worked on the Postpartum Unit, only worked the night shift, and she mainly worked weekends/those were the main days I could work with her due to classes during the week. Honestly I didn't mind it at all. Sure I had no social life my last semester but I was on a unit that I loved so I really didn't mind at all. If you get a job offer I would take it especially since they're interested, you're interested and the pay is good! Finding a job as a new grad has been pretty challenging and at this point I would take whatever I could get. Good luck with the interview!!


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Just FYI - even if you were to obtain another position somewhere else, you'd probably STILL HAVE TO Do every other weekend.

PP had good advice. And you'll still have Sundays off; you can do family gatherings or whatever. Then you have the whole week of weekdays to yourself again to do whatever. And your Mondays will be open - most holidays fall on Mondays.

I'm guessing that you'll have some orientation time, typically that occurs weekdays.

I liked weekends - less top brass around. Many nurses like weekends just for that reason, too.

Take the position if offered. You'll manage.