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  1. pittnurse24

    New RN looking for advice!!

    It was exactly two weeks after I took the exam that they posted my results. The same thing happened to me as well with my application disappearing and reappearing. I emailed the BON a few times in that two week period and they just told me the same thing. Compared to other states, SC is super slow for some reason but living down here I can understand why: they just don't care and are super slow and laxidaisy down here! I was annoyed too because I had potential employers asking for my license number and I didn't have it.
  2. pittnurse24

    NCLEX Mastery 50% off only for the next 45 mins!

    This was the link in my email! https://checkout.shopify.com/6933485/checkouts/e265154d1b35c19a7e5a86f7a8d4abb7?current_step=contact_information
  3. Sorry this is late but I haven't had a chance to get to my computer! I used the NCLEX Mastery App as part of my routine for studying for the NCLEX. I believe it's normally $30 for the full version and I bought it almost a year ago at half off. Well I got an email today saying that for nurses week they were offering the half off price for a limited time! Here's the coupon code and hopefully some of you can utilize this tool! Hurry!! NURSESWEEK2015 Good Luck!
  4. pittnurse24

    graduate school @ pittsburgh

    I graduated from Pitt with my BSN and I absolutely loved it! I don't know what you want to go for but Pitt's CRNA program is now ranked number one. I fell in love with Pittsburgh and would've stayed had I not already planned to move down south with my husband. You'll get a great education if you go there or any other school in the Pittsburgh area! Good luck :)
  5. pittnurse24

    n clex mastery app

    I used the NCLEX Mastery App and I loved it. I thought the questions varied with difficulty, some were easier and some were hard. They also have a section with mnemonics and terminology which are helpful too. It was definitely worth the money. I used that, Saunders and a couple other books to help me study and I passed!
  6. pittnurse24

    My preceptor works nights

    For my last semester doing my transitions rotation, my preceptor worked night shifts only and I thought wow this is gonna be rough. I'm not a nap person, once I'm up even if I woke up at 4am, I'm up and don't take naps throughout the day. I thought night shift was going to suck because I just can't fall asleep during the day. Well it wasn't the worst thing I've ever done but it did suck. Like you I had classes twice a week and I also worked as a PCT on day shift so half my week was days and half was nights. It was hard to prepare for nights because sometimes I worked nights after waking up at 8am for classes, so by the time I was done with my shift the next day, I had been up for 24hrs. I always got really sleepy around 3am which wasn't that bad because that was generally the slowest time on the shift but I'd sip on my energy drink to give me some form of energy! On days I didn't have class before clinical, I just tried to sleep in as long as I could, which usually wouldn't be longer than 11:30am. I liked working nights because I felt like there was more time to get stuff done and there wasn't any chaos surrounding you like day shift!
  7. pittnurse24

    What was your experience with any upmc hospital school of nursing?

    While I can't offer advice about the particular program at Shadyside, I just wanna say that it's cool to see people posting about UPMC because it doesn't seem like a lot of people talk on here from PA! I went to University of Pittsburgh for nursing and I had my clinical all over the UPMC facilities but I'd assume most of your med/surg clinicals would get done at Shadyside. I actually worked at Shadyside as a PCT before I moved down south after I graduated. Such a great hospital and I gained so much experience as a PCT there. I worked with a lot of nurses who graduated from Shadyside's SON and they were great nurses! We also had Shadyside nursing students on our floor at one point too. Having your pre reqs done prior to starting will help a lot with opening up your schedule. I know I was glad I went to community college before transferring to Pitt because I got all my pre reqs done and all I had to focus on was nursing courses and clinical! At my school tattoos had to be covered and we couldn't have facial piercings or anymore than one earring in each ear like the previous poster said. Good luck in school!
  8. pittnurse24

    Student Loans - What repayment plan?

    While I was in school I not only had federal but I also had to take out private student loans. I didn't work until my last year or so in school so I had deferred all payments until graduation. I'd definitely recommend paying interest maybe while in school to help lessen the amount you owe. In regards to loan forgiveness, if I'm not mistaken it only works for federal student loans, private loans don't participate in that. Private loans are the devil and I wish I didn't have so much in private because they don't work with you at all once you graduate and your deferments are up!
  9. pittnurse24

    New RN looking for advice!!

    Wow I completely forgot about this post! I the past two months I've applied to probably 20 new grad positions at musc and maybe 25 others through surrounding hospitals. Had one interview at musc in the middle of March and just found out last week that the position was filled after sending several emails to HR. I never even got a courtesy call from the nurse manager... I finally broadened my search radius a month ago also and went to a new grad open house at the regional medical center in Orangeburg. It's a bout an hour drive but they seemed really interested with me and I just got called for an interview this week! I'm a military wife as well and moved down here soon after I graduated to be down here with my husband. I've never regretting that decision but it does suck that I left a bunch of opportunities and all my networking back there and we both thought that I could find a job anywhere because that's what everyone will tell you! There are nursing positions everywhere but only if you have experience is it easy to get a job which is what they don't tell you. I know it'll all come together soon and I have a good feeling about the interview this week, they were the unit I talked to most at the open house. It just sucks that finding a job has been this hard. Thanks for the advice and I wish you luck as well in your search! Maybe we'll come across each other some time :)
  10. pittnurse24

    NCLEX Before Graduation

    I'm confused as to why anyone would think they could take an exam when you have to graduate first...My BON required me to send in my final transcripts as part of the application process, and I wouldn't have been able to provide that had I not graduated already. I went to school in PA and I was applying to the SC BON. I graduated April 26 2013 and my school wasn't releasing information to anyone until the middle of May. I had my Transitions Rotation (senior practicum) on a postpartum unit and we were required to complete 270 hours with our preceptor. I got the short end of the stick in that my preceptor not only worked weekends only, but she only worked nights. I had to fit my school and work schedule (I worked once a week as a PCT) which was Days, with my preceptors Nights, which wasn't always easy to do. There were opportunities to shadow another preceptor for a day and a few other things that we could've done if lets say our preceptor was gone or we needed more hours, but for the most part we were with our scheduled preceptor all the time. I couldn't start until two weeks into the semester because my preceptor was on vacation and also her schedule wasn't working with mine in the beginning. We had the whole semester to complete our hours and I worked my last shift on the last day before we had to turn in our hours sheet. I'm writing about my experience so that you don't think that it'll be a piece of cake and you'll have so much time between when you finish and when you graduate. Things come up and you don't even know what your preceptor works yet.
  11. May I ask what part of SC you work in? I'm currently living in Charleston and as a RN with my BSN I've had the worst time finding a job surprisingly. I'm about to schedule an interview at a hospital about an hour away this week because I've had no luck with in Charleston, specifically at MUSC.
  12. pittnurse24

    ER New Grad RN - Previously Paramedic

    I went to a new grad open house about a month ago and the Emergency Department had a table. They told me straight up that they don't normally hire new grads unless they have a burning passion for the ED or they have previous EMT or paramedic experience. I think your experience could help you stand out!
  13. pittnurse24

    How far do you drive to work?

    I appreciate all your feedback and it's nice to hear that some of you have driven pretty far to work at some point in your career! It's unfortunate that I can't find anything closer to home, but you gotta do what you gotta do to find work!
  14. pittnurse24

    Working as a PCT?

    no I think that'll be fine! I mostly worked once a week and could've easily worked two every week but I wanted weekends off! I think it just depends on your schedule for classes and then eventually clinical. My classes were all on Mondays and I had clinical Tuesday and Wednesday and then my week was over! I used to work on Thursdays every week and then sometimes on the weekends when they needed me. Overall I could've handled working two days a week if I wanted. If my schedule was a little more spread out like say classes Monday and Wednesday and clinical Tuesday and Thursday, then I definitely would've just worked one day so that I had the weekend for school work.
  15. pittnurse24

    Working as a PCT?

    Well if you're able to apply to all units then do that! Maybe each unit can give you a tour and talk a little bit about the unit so that you can get a better idea of what they're all about!
  16. pittnurse24

    How far do you drive to work?

    Hey there! I've been applying to a ton of applications all within a 25 minute drive of my house and it's just so competitive in the area and I'm not getting anywhere. I've been applying for over two months now. Last month I broadened my search to about an hour away from my house and went to their new grad open house. I felt really at home and got such a better vibe from this hospital than the ones that are local for me. I just got a call from the nurse manager from one of the units I spoke with at the open house, and she seemed really enthusiastic about bringing me in for an interview. I know driving an hour to work is not uncommon, but I'm just wondering if any of you nurses also drive a long distance for work. Wondering about your experience after a long day shift or after night shift how the drive is. Thanks in advance!