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  1. liltiger427

    Weekends only

    I've been working NICU for about 9 months on a weekend day schedule. So I work Sat & Sun 7a-7p, with one day on call during the week. Last weekend, I was sick and called in and didn't work. I have had scheduled vacation for next weekend (June 23 & 24) since I started there. My sister is getting married that weekend. My manager informed me the other day that since I called in last weekend, I needed to find coverage for my already scheduled vacation for next weekend. We get one weekend off per 3 months, and I was told that sick days count toward that. The thing is, I was only told this AFTER I called in. They say it's in my agreement. I don't see it, and I didn't see it when I signed it. Is this standard for weekend jobs? I'm considering applying for a different NICU because of this. I love this job, but I feel like I got screwed. LUCKILY I was able to find someone to cover, but if I hadn't, what then? I miss my sister's wedding that I, my fiancee, and our kids are in that I've spent hundreds of dollars on? I'm very angry about this. We earn vacation and sick pay separately. I feel like this isn't even legal. Anyone else have this policy?
  2. liltiger427

    Hunting for first job...

    I graduated with my ASN in May. I went on countless interviews, job shadows, peer interviews, and finally got my first job offer for a Med/Surg floor at the 2nd biggest hospital in town in June. I passed NCLEX the next day and am now a RN. I did my drug screen, physical, everything seemed to be well on its way.. Then I get a call 9 days after my offer, from the HR rep, asking me about a misdemeanor I had on my record from 6 years ago. I had been told it would drop off my record after 3 years. Come to find out, I had been given inaccurate information. Since I did not disclose this misdemeanor on my record, the offer was taken back and I no longer had the job. My misdemeanor was for not checking ID for an undercover cop buying alcohol (literally, I was set up). Not to discount it. I should have checked everyone's ID. However, everyone makes mistakes. I have contacted an attorney about getting this off my record, because I do not want to deal with it again. I have been applying to the other hospital in town (the big one), and putting this misdemeanor on there, so I know I will be covered if I get another offer. But the problem is, I have not gotten any offers and only had 2 interviews at this other hospital. I did not get either of those jobs. I wondered if anyone knew if I basically screwed myself out of ever applying to the other hospital where I got my original offer at, or if I could reapply if I disclose this misdemeanor? I did not think to ask when I was told I didn't get the original job, because I was in tears when she told me on the phone. I don't know who I can ask. I'm kind of stuck. I spent 3.5 years and worked really hard, and I feel like I've wasted it, not to mention I'm not doing what I love. I'm stuck working retail right now, and I hate it everyday, knowing that I am a Registered Nurse and am qualified to do so much more.
  3. liltiger427

    Eating healthy

    I usually try to keep some sort of protein with me at school. Nuts, trail mix, jerky or something like that. Your energy is precious, so keep it up if you can. And good luck! It's a wild ride, but it has been fun. I graduate in May, and it's almost unreal.
  4. liltiger427

    Feeling better!

    My post last week reflected my frustration and exhaustion. Today, I am feeling better. I've been interested in OB and NICU since before I started the program, and I got to see a birth for the first time and it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced and I cried. When I told my instructor this, she gave me a big hug and told me she thinks I will be great in this field. She has a TON of OB experience and it is literally the only thing she teaches. She has done this class for a long time. I told her at the beginning of the semester I was very excited for this class, and she said she can definitely tell. Hearing all of this from her seems to make all of the sacrifice and hard work worth it!
  5. I literally feel burnt out. I've been getting only one day off per week, if I'm lucky. I am in the hardest semester of my program, I work part time and I have a 3 year old. We're about halfway thru the semester and this is where it starts to get intense. The rest of Oct will be absolutely filled with things to do. Nov will ease up a bit, but I can't see the end in sight right now. Help!
  6. liltiger427


    What is preceptorship? Does everyone complete this in their last semester, even ASN? Just wondering. Thanks!
  7. liltiger427

    First interview/job as PCT

    I am currently entering my 2nd semester of my ASN program. I have always worked retail and have no healthcare experience yet. I have my very first interview next week for a PCT position on the Inpatient Oncology floor at our biggest hospital in town. I've applied for numerous positions in almost every floor in every hospital in town. I'm pretty nervous, but excited. I need to get my foot in the door, even if it's on a unit that I know nothing about. I know many nurses and PCTs and none of them work Oncology, so I can't ask any of them for advice. So...my question is...what should I do to prepare for the interview? Should I ask questions? Who here works Oncology? Any advice at all? Ahh! Lol
  8. liltiger427

    Pharmacology help please! 3rd semester

    I'm in Pharm right now and our instructor actually writes everything on the board and we copy it down (not always word for word, it just depends on how much you want to write). I also record lectures, and then I go home and transfer everything to note cards. So, I am hearing it usually more than once and writing it twice. My lowest score so far has been an 84. I was really intimidated by Pharm and thought it would be SO difficult. It is difficult, but I swear writing it down helps. Even if your instructor just does PowerPoints, WRITE IT OUT. I wouldn't say I spend a HUGE amount of time on the class. Maybe 5-10 hours per exam, and that's with making flash cards. My biggest problem with the low exam score is I got confused on the different classes of cardiac drugs. Antidysrhythmics greatly confused me. Our instructor tells a story with most of the huge drugs though. Maybe try to make things personal...think of someone you know that has that disease. There are lots of ways to make it more doable.
  9. liltiger427


    I'm wondering about Patho. I got a C in Anatomy 1 and in Anatomy 2, but I was working full time while taking those and I have a 2 year old. I've dropped my hours and my fiancee does most of the care taking of my son. He will be 3 a few weeks after the next semester starts. My choices are to take Patho with MedSurg 1 and Mental Health, or to take it by itself in the summer. However, the summer is only 6 weeks and it's all online. I have the option to take it face to face in the spring. Has anyone had experience taking it online? How did you do? It's also offered online in the traditional 16 week format. Thanks in advance!
  10. liltiger427

    Class of 2015

    Was supposed to finish my ASN in Dec of '14 but I broke my leg in Feb and it put me back a semester, so I will hopefully be graduating in May of '15. Can't wait! I've already been thru my first semester, so... buckle down ladies and gents, you're in for a crazy, fun ride!!