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Hi all! I would like to know if weekend program pay is better than the premium. I currently need the money and willing to work the weekend but not sure if it worths to try.

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I think it probably varies on institution. I know that my last two facilities I have worked at have had a couple baylor shift positions on the weekend. The nurses who worked every Saturday Sunday worked 24 hours and got paid for 36.

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Weekend program pay is definitely dependent upon the facility where you work. Some facilities have eliminated weekend plans altogether due to the costs.

When I worked weekend shifts at one facility, I was paid 40 hours per week for working 32 hours (two 16 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday) and received benefits. Another facility paid 32 hours for working 24 hours (two 12 hour shifts) and offered full benefits.

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A lot of these positions have been eliminated due to cost. When I worked in the hospital, they had a "weekend program" where if you wrked at least 24 hrs every weekend, you got a $10/hr differential. There were a few people who took advantage of this but were then blindsided when the hospital abruptly eliminated the program. Losing $10/hr x 24 hrs/week is a pay cut of $12,480 a year. Their 2% raise definitely didn't make up the difference.

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Depends on the hospital. Ours has three day weekend positions where they make $7-10 more an hour. The plus side besides the money is the fact weekends are quieter. The downside is getting used to the money and feeling trapped if you ever want off weekends!