1 week to go....


Nursing School starts in 1 week. BRING IT!

libra's girl

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me too! I go from being stoked to sick. and wondering wth I'm doing, I'm gonna fail, to I'm gonna be awesome! lol. good luck!


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Yay! I have one week as well! I am so ready for this semester and I have a feeling it is going to be my best semester yet! :yeah:


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I start in a week too! And just like Libra's girl my emotions go from one extreme to the next! I really am excited tho! Woot Woot finally made it!!!!!!!!!!


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I start next Monday too! It can't get here fast enough! I am nervous as well. I know that NS will be demanding for me but I know my family will have to get used to it as well. So I am ready to start our new routines and get going on this great challenge I have before me! Super excited and more than ready! Good luck to all us future nurses!:yeah:

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I start in 2 weeks and go into tachycardia with just the thought of NS. This is my last semester so I'm super nervous but ready to get it over with. Wowsers. Time is going by sooooo slow.


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I am soooo pumped!!! This week I am sleeping in(I work 2nd shift), NOT taking extra hours at work, getting great workouts in, going to the pool on my day off, going to a NFL game with my fiance on Friday, going to the state fair on Saturday, and I'll use Sunday to re-read and get mentally prepared! I am trying to live it up this week since my life will pretty much end on Monday as well as begin, haha.

Yay! Next Wednesday is my very first day! Having mixed emotions but I think I'm ready!

Pia Mater

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Starting in one week too! I am trying not to think too much about it. I still have some school supply shopping to do. I start my new work schedule this week too, drastic cut in hours.

I am excited to start! I also go from one extreme to another. I am excited to finally start my path to my dream job, yet scared that I won't be able to measure up to NS standards.

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I start on the 23rd! One more week. The summer seems to have flown by, yet it seemed next week would never come. I think we all have the same butterflys going on right now! Its nice to not be the only one. Next week we are sure to have a ton of posts about the first day! Good luck everyone : )