3 week AP II summer course - any advice?


I was wondering if any of you have experience taking a&p II over a 3 week summer course? it is the closest course to my house and offered in the evening. the other classes are further and i would need childcare (which i don't really have the $$ for.

i am currently taking a&p I and my grade so far is 97%. i am really tempted to do this but i have to have a B for the class to count.

any advice/info would be much appreciated. TIA!


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Yes, do it! it will be done quick. I did mine in 5 weeks. In and out... Good luck. It's worth it.


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3 weeks!! Wow, that is quick! If you feel like you can do it, go for it!

What are the hours like for such an abbriviated class?


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Ever thought of doing in online? I'm taking A&P2 this summer too but it's a 10 week online class. June 1st through August 7th.

I've always liked summer classes. I took micro over the summer too and got an A! You can focus all your attention on that class and get it over with!!!


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Good Lord Woman!!!! I give kudos to you!!! I am sure it can be done! I am going to sign up for summer Micro. but I hope it is a little longer than 3 weeks. You can do it-Good luck!:bow::wink2::bow:

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fasten your belt, you're in for a rough ride!!! doable though... just pay attention in lecture, and don't miss it!!! you will do just fine... mine was 4 weeks long

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