Wedding: Before or After NCLEX?


Hey everybody...

I just recently got engaged, and I am trying to figure out when exactly I actually want to get married. I still have one year to go left in nursing school at the University of Michigan, and I'm wondering if I can get your opinion...

Should I try to have my wedding right after I graduate, BEFORE I take my NCLEX? Orrrr should I wait till later on afterwards, like September?

From what I hear, there's a big chunk of time after graduation before you can even really register to sit for the boards... so I'm wondering if it would be smart to sneak in a wedding while I'm waiting for that (early May?) so afterwards I can focus on studying for my boards. Would I be consumed in wedding details while I'm supposed to be studying if I have my wedding AFTER my boards?

Just wondering if any of you have any advice!


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If you have the finances for it, then why wait? If there are some loose ends that need to be tied, do what you have to do first and then take that step.

Congratulations on your engagement :)


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Congrats on the engagement!

Are you planning the whole wedding by yourself? Its a lot to plan..

I got married the year after I got out of nursing school. As for taking the NCLEX, I graduted in May, and took the NCLEX in June. Take it as soon as you can, dont put it off. I think the longer your put it off, the more information you loose. (Since the NCLEX is based on book nursing, not real world nursing)

This way you can make sure you get a job all lined up.

It will be a huge burden lifted off your shoulders and you'll be able to better concentrate on the wedding.

With the being said, getting married is one of the best things out there, and I think ultimately, its up to you to figure out when to get married. You just need to do what would work best for you.

Best of luck with NCLEX, and marriage!

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Well I would say if you have a lot of help planning your wedding then I would do the wedding. But since you are still in school and if you dont have a lot of help I would wait until after the nclex. The last year in school can be rough, time consuming, and brutal at times. Having all of that and planning a wedding could be overwhelming. I graduated in the middle of May and took my test on June 13th. That was the earliest test date I could get. I am glad I did. The NCLEX is nothing to take lightly. It is intense and the studying after you graduate is difficult when you have nothing going, I cant imagine a wedding too!!!

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I may be partial to early fall weddings because that is when my anniversary is and every single year for the last 10, knock wood, the weather has been beautiful. I guess it depends on how big your wedding will be but I'd probably take care of business first, meaning NCLEX, and then take your time getting ready for your new marriage. Congratulations with whatever you decide!

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And by the way, I feel like I am a expert on this topic. I took NClex in June, and got married in October. You might think that was plenty of time, but believe me, it was stressful. I should have took longer. And it was a small affair, about 50 guests.

Oh, and congrats :D

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