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Our nurse anesthesia program is trying to make the big leap to include some web based instruction in our courses. We are on the small side, and we just have never gotten around to trying this out until now. We want to start small, and explore the possiblity of future distance learning capability.

I have looked at Blackboard and WebCT, but they are too big and expensive. The current front runner is PageOut by McGraw Hill. All the products seem very user friendly, but I thought I would try to seek out some expert opinion from those who have been there.

I know many of you are already seasoned in this "new" technology. Any words of wisdom or guidance would be appreciated.

The topic we seem baffled about (at the moment, anyway) is testing. What measures can you take to insure the integrity of your learning assessments/testing/grades in a web based environment.

You could stick with traditional classroom environment for testing, but that doesn't fit the distance learning model. If you stick to essay/writing assignments, that might be safer. But I am a 100% multiple choice gal myself, and I hate to give that up. If I give a multiple choice test on the web, how can I tell that the students aren't working in a group, or looking up the answers?

I am continuing to research this, and related topics. But this is an issue I have not seen addressed in the material I have found up until now. Thanks for any comments.

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Hmm I would contact the administrator of this BB - Brian Short. Brian is a nurse and he would have some ideas that could help you.

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Originally posted by gwenith

Hmm I would contact the administrator of this BB - Brian Short. Brian is a nurse and he would have some ideas that could help you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence gwenith :) But to be honest, I have no experience or expertise in online education tools that CRNA teacher is inquiring about. Good Luck with your endeavor CRNA teacher! I'm sure someone might be able to point you in the right direction.

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Well, thanks anyway Brian.

I'll keep checking back. Maybe someone has had experience in this area.

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The University of Phoenix uses Microsoft's Outlook Express as the classroom establishing classes through this program. Each class is then broken down into various components: Main (where lectures, classroom requirements, discussion questions and discussion threads are posted), an assignments only is an area where students can post their assignments in a secure environment, a chat for informat disucssions, and team areas for group work. It is workable but I have no idea of the setup and maitenance cost.

Have also had experience with Webcourse in a box which was an easy to use program for students and intructors (after a brief training program).

Good luck.

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I did on line distance education for my BS/MS program. If people are working on their own, in an uncontrolled setting I cannot say for certain they are not looking up answers. It is a very comfortable way to learn though. I did papers sent via the mail and some mail tests if the net was down. Probably half the questions were essay.



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We use Blackboard.com through our university. We have commincation site for every day use. Our Professional Components is primarily online with only a few inclass meetings. PM me if you would like more information!

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