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Weatherford College LVN Spring 2016

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So most likely we will have to be there around 8 every day...besides our clinical. I was hoping that by august we might be starting around 8:30ish....My daughter will be starting Kindergarten so Im trying to get a game plan on how to get her to school since I live about 45-60min away. 0_o

It's basically everyday all day and you can't miss a day. At least that is what someone told me that just finished the program

Where is everyone coming from? I live in Glen Rose so it will take me about an hour to get there as well.

I look forward to that drive again because I drive an hour and half to Tcc trinity everyday right now and it's killer. Driving home takes

me 2 to 2 and half hours with traffic.

I'm from ft worth (820 and rufe snow). I would love to move to Haslet but can't just yet!

My girls go to school out in haslet (daycare) my oldest will be starting Kindergarten next yr and it would be so much easier if we lived out there. the daycare has a before and after school program where they take the kids to school...IDK what Im gonna do if we dont move :(

My oldest startes kindergarten next year as well. My youngest just turned a year. My husband is talking about me postponing school until August when my oldest starts kindergarten so that's less childcare we have to pay. I stay home now so we are in one income and it's going to be hard to pay for everything.

I am SO glad I saw this!! Im hoping this is how the third semester will be!!! It will help me out a TON!

We are pretty much in the same boat. I thankfully get help from the Government paying for daycare but were still trying to keep our heads above water

Talked to Karen today. She said they mailed out acceptance letters yesterday!!! She couldnt tell me over the phone...but start looking out for the mail!!!

Oh really! I didn't realize they were sending out actual letters. I guess I just figured they'd email. That's classy of them and shows tradition.


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