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Weatherford College LVN Spring 2016

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Hey, where is Haslet Tx at? When I google it, it shows that it is 45 to 50 minutes to Weatherford college. that's is even further than from Fort Worth to Weatherford College. Can you give me a land mark. Congratulations again!! and I hope to see you in orientation.

Hey Sorry I just got this. Im not on this much, Im more on the FB group if you want to join that...Anyways Im pretty bad with directions, I live between Western center/35 and North Tarrant/35...if you know where that is...Its about 2-3 exits down from heritage trace...I take 35 North to highway 287 towards decatur. Haslet is about 15 min from my house off 287. From where I live now I can get to Weatherford in 40-45 min. From Haslet it will be a little longer...like an Hour. But my girls go to daycare out there and my oldest starts kindergarten in august. I want her in the NWISD district because the daycare can pick her up and drop her off from school and it will be easier to pick her up from school with her sister. Plus my fiance will be taking 3 kids to school on the days we have clinicals so it will be easier to go 2 places instead of 3...Were not sure were moving just yet, but even though its a longer drive its easier for our family. Plus we LOVE the area....hope that helped a bit :)

Not sure if any of you on here will get this, but I am applying to the LVN program next week for the Fall 2016 program and I'm curious as to how many points got in last semester, how many points got alternative, and if you got alternative did you end up getting in? I have read that 4 points got alternate last year and 7 points got in but that seems like so little? Does that include the compass test?

I too am applying, already took the COMPASS. I was coming here to see if anyone knew how they did their schedules as well. I know at TCCs RN program my friend only has to go to school one day a week and one weekend day she goes to clinicals. I was curious if WCs RN and/or LVN program had any options like that or if it was full days M-F?

I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but could anyone shed light on the clinicals? I start in the fall and I'm trying to get an idea of what clinicals will be like schedule wise. Do they work with you on clinicals to give you something that fit better? I have two kids that will need to be in daycare and I'm worried about possibly having a 12 hr clinical since daycare is closed around 6.


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